Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming To An End

I wrote about Emily's friends a few months back.
Specifically, her very first friend Ellie that she picked out in her Kindergarten class.

They dressed up like each other for twin day. They hung out together at birthday parties. They had playdates at each other's houses. They ate lunch every day together at school. At their graduation, there was a slideshow of pictures and there was Emily and Ellie with huge smiles on their faces, much like in the picture above. It was sweet. My girl had found her very own best friend.

I found out today that they are moving.

I was loading Em up in their car to go play and I almost couldn't hold back the tears. Emily didn't get what me and Ellie's Mom were talking about. She probably thought we were talking about their vacation or something. Had she known I know she would've started crying.

So, we will have to explain what it means to her. That the fact of life is most friends come and go and if you are lucky you might get one, like Aunt Pam, who will be your friend forever. I know she won't understand. I can't promise that we will see them again. They will be about 2 hours away.

I had visions of these two girls trying out for cheerleading together and getting ready for their Sr. Prom together. And I'd tell them about their first playdate and how excited they were when they saw the ice cream man. Emily had already asked about a dozen times if Ellie would be in her first grade class and that she wanted Ellie to come to her 6th birthday party in August. My girl was making plans with her best friend, just like I was.

And none of those things will happen now.
And it breaks my heart because I know it is going to break hers.


Linda said...

:( I completely understand. This is what I've shared before about the knowledge that parents have, in seeing the "big picture", having lived and experienced the goodbyes along the way. While our children are wrapped up in their early friendships (and later - boyfriends), we stand by with the knowledge that these things come and go throughout our early years.

I too have a couple of friends from way back - Linda B. and Nora - but unlike you and Pam, I don't get to see them very much and it's never the same as those early friendships for me.

Though, you know another new bestie will be along shortly for Emily. ♥

Stacy said...

You made me choke up on this one, Gina. It hits home. My best friend and I met when we were 4 in California. We literally grew up together and her family became mine through the years and vice versa. It was and is the best gift to have a friend who has been by your side through it all. (Then Dan and I had to move to stinking Prescott Valley in 2004 and ruin it all. ha ha) I want that same kind of friendship for Caleb & Savannah. Can't help that we just want the best for our babies! I hope Emily will find a life long friend in school next year.

Anonymous said...

So Sad ... But, you know maybe we are putting our adult perspective on kids' feelings. Maybe she will face it the same way she felt when Forest left us. A little sad but yet within a week, she'll have forgotten. Just a thought. ☺
But, on the positive side at least you know that Emily is not so shy that she can't make a good choice in a friend. She did pick out Ellie all on her own and she made a good choice, so hopefully she is well on her way to making good choices throughout her life. ☼