Friday, June 4, 2010

Dissension In The Ranks

It's anarchy here today. The troops are revolting.

I've changed my name from Ms. Gina to Mrs. G. I think it gives me more of an edge, more gansta. So far, it is not working. Emily keeps calling me Mrs. Pink. The kids have told me they don't want to do schoolwork. Emily just wants to count our garage sale money from a month ago and Ben won't get off the computer.

The baby won't nap and won't stop crying.
I'm going to the grocery store. Not because I need anything. They have a free babysitting service while you shop. So, I'll put Emily and Ben in there and Noah and I will get a Starbucks and read a magazine. Not too shabby for Mrs. G. I wonder if they will catch on if I bring my kids in there every day and not buy anything. I'll get some bananas for good measure.

Today was supposed to be the letter in delirious, delinquent, delusional, distress, distracted, diversion, disaster!
Day 4 of summer many days left before August 9th?

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Linda said...

Ahhh, Mrs. G. ;) Well, we all have those days. I'm sure many fun summer days are to come, but this was funny to read. :)