Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm journaling our everyday life on this blog. Sometimes the kids say something so funny that I have to write it down because I want to remember it. To some of you, this may be like watching our home videos, so feel free to just go to the next blog. For my mother in law, she will read this twice, maybe three times. Thanks Gwynne.

Ben flipping a coin:
"Mom, pick heads or butts".
Me busy in the kitchen and the kids asking for things:
"Give me a second, I can only do two things at once".
I always new I was a multi-tasker.
After learning bible versus all week, Ben got two mixed up:
"Love the Lord with all your heart without complaining".
Not quite how the proverb ended, but it sounds good to me.
We did school yesterday and we went over the letter C. We wrote cook on the board and I said that chef also starts with C and is another name for a cook.
On our bike ride that night we saw a man with his dogs.
Me: "Aren't those dogs pretty? They are german shepards".
Emily: "They are german chefs? you mean they can cook?"
Now that would be much more impressive than watching them fetch a ball.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! You are too funny. I love that you try to remember all the cute things you hear out of the mouths of your babes.
Have a great weekend, you multi tasker you. ♥