Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Blogiversary

I started blogging 2 years ago today.

I thought my husband would write a blog here or there, but he has only written one, the tribute to our beloved dog Forest. It was a difficult post that I was unable to write. Maybe I can encourage him to write more.

I've written 459 posts.

And 24,000 people have gone on my blog in 2 years. I'm starting to think somebody else reads this besides my mother in law and Aunt Linda.

Thanks to everyone who reads it, laughs with me, and cries with me. Whether you leave a comment or not, I appreciate that you are a part of our lives in some way.

To celebrate, I'm not spending the day with my my family. Instead, my best friend Pam is coming up for the night. It's off to Wildflower Bread Company for lunch and then to see Sex and the City.

Mrs. G needs a little break from the "inspiration".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have a great day Gina.☼ And thanks for the stories,the memories that I can have also. After all I did live them vicariously ♥