Monday, August 29, 2016

Call Me Penny

So, I pretty much think I can learn anything from youtube.  It's full of so much info and has helped us learn how to cut hair, fix the car, anything.  It's a wealth of knowledge.  But, there are some things that should be left to the professionals.

I can cut my hair and have for years, but I should've drawn the line there.  I've been getting a lot gray hairs, especially around my temples and in my part.  It would drive me nuts.  I hated pulling my hair back as it was even worse.  I bought headbands which help, but also make me look like a 10 year old.  So, I did some research and found that henna is a great way to color hair red naturally.  Now, I've always thought I had red hair, but after this experiment, I realize it's more brownish, blondish, red.

So, I got the henna hair dye from Amazon.  Check.  Watched a few videos.  Check. Check.  And, I'm ready.  This was my before.  I look like my father more and more; or rather my Grandma Palma.

And holy shit, this is the after!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!  I now have red hair.  Seriously red hair.  I actually kind of like it, but it needs to be less red.  It was also orange in a few places yesterday after I did it because the under part of my hair is brownish, the top has a lot of blonde from the sun, the temples were almost all blondish/white.  So, those parts turned orange.  The rest turned red.  Really red.  

The only way to get henna out of hair is time, a buzz cut or olive oil.  So, I've done 2 olive oil treatments.  They say 3-4 will usually do it.  The picture above is after 2.  What I notice is the orange parts aren't as orange anymore.  Thank God.  But, it's still red. Really red.  

Did I mention it's really red?

You can't go to the salon and color over it.  After you've done henna, it can make chemical dye wonky.  Like turn your hair green wonky.  That would just liven everything up a bit!

Dakri didn't know what henna was.  It's the things the Indians (dots, not feathers) use on their hands and body that look like tattoos.  It's really pretty and I thought that's the perfect color! A brownish, nope just red.

Did I mention it's really red?

So, I'm doing olive oil treatments daily.  My hair smells like the Olive Garden and I'm hungry for a salad.  The good news is it feels great and super conditioned.  

Now, if I had ever dyed my hair in my lifetime, this probably wouldn't be so shocking. But, I've never done anything to  my hair.  Ever.  So, it's quite a change.

I look like The Little Mermaid.  Or better...Jessica Rabbit...Or maybe just like a brand new copper penny!  And well, you can't see my grays anymore!


Linda said...

You are hilarious - I'm laughing as I read this, but I think you look pretty as ever and I love the red! :)
Actually I always thought your hair was that red until I saw the comparison photo. I've always colored my own hair since I was 15 and have only had it done professionally - twice. I have a standard color - dark natural blond which is similar to my natural dirty blond color, but it always ends up much lighter in a week again because I'm out in the sun all the time and I don't protect it like I should. I haven't had my hair cut in 2 years. Seriously. It's finally grown to the back of my neck and just slightly below my ears. My hair grows that slowly and getting it cut more frequently, which is what I did for a while when Sarah and I frequented our stylist Amanda, didn't help because it still grew that slowly. As long as it's long enough for me to pull back in a small pony tail and I'm happy because that's how it eventually ends up every day after my lunch time work out because I get so sweaty hot on my walk-runs.

So anyways... hair. :) I think yours looks pretty.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda, I always thought of it as red too. Seeing the comparison was mind blowing. But love the new look and to me it is really the old look .You look great !

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, my friend! Nothing's changed! Love you! Xo

Piper AndTheKids said...

The new color is gorgeous! Although I can see what a shock it would be to go so bold :)

My hair is individual strands of red, blonde, and about four shades of brown. Depending on how much sun i get, it overall can look like any of those colors! I met my husband in Texas and I was very blonde--when we moved north and my hair darkened first to red and then into the browns he thought I was dying my hair. Nope, its just sun exposure (or lack of) LOL