Saturday, August 6, 2016

Early 7

Noah has been so excited for his birthday.  He started a countdown at the 60 day mark.  He isn't excited to turn 7 or to have a party.  He just wants presents.  His birthday is Monday which is the first day of school.  He was not thrilled that he has to go back to school and not play with any of his presents.  Usually the first day of school is chaos after for me with paperwork times 3 and organizing stuff.  So, I told him we'd give him his presents on Sunday, so he could have all day to play with them.

David got home from work a little early on Friday and we decided to go to the pool.  The kids got dressed, we walked to the van and heard the rumble of thunder.  Darn it.  So, we came in and decided to let Noah open all of his gifts.  Seriously, when the kid is this happy, who cares?

He didn't ask for much.  A few Disney Infinity characters and a new game for the Xbox .

Ben is equally excited since he gets to play with all of his new stuff too!

And he wanted the Black Panther costume from the Avenger movie.  I figure it'll be his Halloween costume, so I'm killing two birds with one stone.

We warned him that on his birthday, he'll only have cards to open.  But, he is okay with that.  So, we are doing his favorite dinner, steak.  That's all he wants, no vegetables, no fries, just steak.  And he's not a big cake kid, so he asked for zucchini muffins.  The only 7 year old on the plantet who wants zucchini muffins for the birthday cake.  But, whatever.  His wish is my command.


Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday, Noah! You have a card from Auntie Pam to look forward to! Love you!!xxoo

Anonymous said...

It made me so happy to see these pics of Noah and to see how happy he was . In my memories today I had a note from Michele F. telling me how sorry she was to hear the terrible news.. I had to think for a moment as to what she was talking about and I guess it related to you being helicoptered to Phoenix ... and I won't go into what happened next but 7 years later look at the marvelous outcome.
Happy Birthday to our enchanting, handsome, excited little man. May he have the best year ever and good luck in second grade. ♥

Linda said...

The Zucchini muffins. LOL. And just steak. Jim would love the "just steak" - me, not so much. We did make steaks and baked potatoes a couple of nights ago at the cabin though and they were delicious, even though I'm not much a meat eater.

Hope this is a great year for Noah! :)
Much love,