Monday, August 29, 2016

Traveling Slumber Party

Emily is part of this great foursome of friends.  They are all best buds.  Three of them have August birthdays, the other is late June.  So, what normally happens is every weekend in August is a slumber party.  The girls are exhausted, take a full day to recoup, and it's right back to school.  It's exhausting.  At least for the parents.

So, I had a brilliant idea.  :)  Let's do a traveling birthday party.  They can go to each house for a "shift".

Dakri (Alanah's Mom) got the pizza and movie part.

Then, she dropped them at Steph's (Alissa's Mom) for the slumber party.  Alissa doesn't like to sleep anywhere but her own bed, so it was pretty clear who was going to get the lions share of this party.

 They did a lemon eating challenge.

And started the night sleeping on the trampoline.  Until the thunder and lightening came, and they quickly moved inside.

Steph made them hot cocoa in the morning and shipped them off to my house.

We are known for our breakfast, so we made hashbrowns, chocolate chip waffles, bacon and sausage.  They played soccer while they waited and Rio played too!

Then, Heidi (Ava's Mom) took them to lunch and to the mall to shop. It's so silly...we give Alissa a $20 gift card somewhere or buy her a $20 gift and then, she does the same for Emily.  And that's how it works for all the girls.  So, each Mom gave their girl $20 and they got to go to the mall and buy what they want.  Which they all loved Claire's and Bath & Body Works.  Except Emily. B&BW makes her sneeze.

These silly girls.  Who would think they are 11 and 12?

I think it all went great.  Then, for the big birthday party all 4 of the families are going to Wet n Wild in a few weeks.  They'll have a blast!


Linda said...

FUN times!!! :) They're all so cute and making good memories together. Looks like a wonderful celebration of friends.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this blog and that way you'll have all those fine photo moments as memories forever.The quartet of girls look like that was one of the Best birthday celebrations ever. Hope they will make it a tradition for many years to come. Certainly easier than dealing with 4 slumber parties and the Wet n' Wild date sounds like a fun day too.
BTW Happy Birthday to Emily today as this is her actual day. Hope it is a Happy one for her.