Friday, August 5, 2016

Meet and Greet

Seriously, where is the time going?

I realized the other that Emily and Noah will never be at school again together. What? And Emily will be a Junior in high school before her and Ben are together again. It just seems that this time has gone so fast. It makes me sad.

Last night was Ben and Noah's meet and greet with their teachers. They both got the teachers I had hoped (asked) for. You technically aren't supposed to ask, but I volunteer and get to know teachers well, so why not? We've always gotten the teacher we requested, so it's nice to have that perk of helping. Ben's teacher is Emily's favorite from 5th grade. Her name is Mrs. Niece and she just loves her students. I mean she seriously likes them. She is just as happy and sweet on the last day of school as she is on the first. Here she is talking to Ben about writing and what he wants to do with his writing. Ben was listening intently

Noah has Mrs. Smith. The same teacher Emily and Ben had. She is fun and she does a lot of art stuff, which I know Noah will like. They also have a class tortoise named Pistachio.

I think it will be a great year for the kids. Part of me is sad. The summer went too fast. I enjoy our lazy days and going to the movies. I want them home. The other part of me is done with the house always being a mess. The fighting of who gets on the good computer (The one that doesn't freeze when playing Minecraft or Roblox). The kitchen being like a trough. Seriously, they eat all day. I will sometimes just yell out "kitchen's closed!" I don't know where they put it. So, some mixed emotions. But, I know the start of a new school year is good for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Both Ben and Noah look excited to start the next chapter of their young lives. I wish them both a happy successful school year. new challenges and hopefully wonderful outcomes.

Linda said...

Hi! :) I see I have some updated reading to do! ♥

It makes you sad, but for me - I'm so happy to be done with those school days! Seriously. It was stressful and I only had one but she stressed me out. I still stress sometimes over her college stuff, but you know with her turning 21 in just a few months, she's on her own so it needn't be my problem anymore. ;) Anyways, I was always happy to be moving forward to another school year. Now, life in general... outside of school moves too fast for me and it's often on my mind to try to savor the moments because they truly are passing by.

Back to the updates on your blog... enjoy reading them always.
Love, Linda