Friday, August 19, 2016

Proud to be an American

It's official...David is an American!  He's been in this country for 30 years and now it's finally legal.  It really started as a financial decision.  It costs about $500 to renew his green card which was up for renewal, as it is every 10 years.  It cost about $600 to become a citizen. So, it just made financial sense to take the plunge and become a citizen.  It was a long process with several appointments down in Phoenix.  Although, when we say long, it was 3 months.  Now, I imagine most people in the room have been working on this for years or even decades.

It all worked out great and I was able to go down with David.  With the kids in school and different schedules, I had no idea if it was all going to work out.  But, it did and I'm so happy that I got to go.  My best friend, Pam, came too to help us celebrate.  There was not enough room in this building and about 100 of us had to stand in back, and it felt like the AC wasn't working.  It was hot.  But, it was a nice ceremony and nobody passed out.  So, that was good.  :)

It started with a slideshow...

And they called each country and people from that country stood up.  There were 120 people becoming citizens from 38 different countries.


Then, they took the oath.

They got their certificates and that's it!  Here's a look at the newest American.

We celebrated with Mexican food!  Now to get him to register to vote before the next crazy election!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the whole family for now having an entire 199% American family. Those are some great pictures both you and Pam posted from and after the ceremony. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Anonymous said...

Oops that should be 100% Sorry for that... :)


Linda said...

Congratulations!!! We're so proud of David and of all of you really - you're the best and we love you!!

Love, Linda

Sarah said...

So awesome! Congratulations!