Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Glasses and Jr. High

The kids glasses came in and we headed to Costco today to get them.

Here's Emily's. You can't see the sides, but they are a pretty teal blue color with a little almost tiger stripe pattern. Very cute. She's amazed at how much better she sees. Her eyes are worse than mine, so I know they are helping her a lot.

Here's Ben. He put them on at first and said, "Whoa, these are blurry." But, that's the idea. It'll make that bad eye work more and hopefully, stop the drifting. He's already used to them in a matter of hours.

And then this afternoon was Jr. High registration. We had no clue what we were doing, but managed to figure everything out and get through the school in about an hour. Em found her locker and learned to open it. That took awhile. She's never done a lock like that. But, she got the hang of it quickly. Then, we walked to each of her classes and met with the PE coach about uniforms for PE (gray shirt and athletic shorts) and we chatted with a few friends and found where she'll pick up the bus at the end of the day. We squeezed a lot in an hour!

Emily is in all honors classes...She has Art, Honors Language Arts, HOnors Science, PE, Honors Social Studies, Lunch, Honors Math and iChoose (which is like a study hall).  That's a heavy schedule, but I know she can hang.  She may just need to play less Minecraft.

So, the plan is David will take Emily to school since he works about a mile from there. And I'll take the boys to school. Then, all the kids will take the bus home. That's new. But, the way they have it scheduled they are they are like the fifth stop for the bus and are at the corner by our house about 20 minutes after the bell rings to let school out. Seeing that Emily's school is 13 minutes away and the boys is 8 minutes, they aren't on the bus for very long. So, that will be nice for me! No more spending an hour everyday trying to pick up kids and fighting in the pick up line. Yippee!

School starts in 5 days! We're ready! Or at least I am. :)


Piper AndTheKids said...

We have five weeks to go until school starts and my oldest is so nervous to start middle school. He is anxiously awaiting the notice for open house so we can go get familiar with the place before classes start!

Emily's glasses are so cute :) I have a rather large head so when it comes time for new glasses, I have to settle for whatever will fit and the cute ones never fit LOL

Linda said...

They look great in their glasses! Emily is looking so grown up. :) Junior High already!! That looks like a great, well-rounded schedule and I am impressed that they have ART. No art in any of our schools here until it is offered in High School, which is so different from when I was in school and it was a normal part of our days.

Here we are just in the midst of hot, humid summer days - pretty much as all of summer has been. Heading to the Warren Dunes in Michigan for the day on Saturday as part of an annual trip now with my sisters and their families and then Jim and I are off early Sunday, August 7 - August 10 (our 14th anniversary) to celebrate our anniversary in Southern Illinois. Staying at a cute cabin on a farm and very much looking forward to this time away, just the two of us in our little red car. ;)
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Love the kids new glasses. They look so studious , just in time for their return to classes.I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone but yet you packed in a lot of fun adventures. Still waiting to see and hear about your last big camp out.(Hint hint)
So hard to imagine our little Miracle Baby will be in 2nd grade and Emily already in junior high. I still remember getting ready to go see her for the first time.Those years just flew by. I think you all look the same as you did when you met ... haven't aged a bit until I just this morning looked at a few pics of you and David before the baby era... and oh yes you have changed but still looking great.
Best wishes to you all for a successful upcoming year filled with lots of new experiences for all.