Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our Week

Emily was sick on the 6th day of school. How is that even possible?  Luckily, she had Rio to keep her company and she was better in a few days.  

David and I donated blood on Tuesday.  I literally hate donating blood.  I'd rather get a pap smear and a mammogram than sit there for 10 minutes with a needle in my arm.  But, when push came to shove and I needed some plateletes when I had Noah, I was thankful someone had donated theirs.  I took this pic of myself and then I went to take one of David, but my alarm had started going off, so the guy came to adjust my needle.  And then, I almost fainted.  I've done that before.  But, I'm eating low carb on some days and apparently, that's not smart when you give blood. Oops.  So, I got cookies and chips and whatever.

I volunteered at school for the first time this year.  Those poor teachers at the beginning of the year could use my help for weeks on end.  I did what I could in 3 hours, but it's never enough.  But, I spotted this outside of Ben's classroom.  Future cop?  What?  Really?  Since when?  I'd rather him be Spiderman.  Cops...God, that's a dangerous job these days.  Stick to being a comic book writer. Please. 

My girl and I went out shopping today.  Emily really hasn't ever cared too much about clothes.  But, she's starting to now.  She doesn't need to be trendy or the most fashionable.  She just likes what she likes, so gone are the days of me picking out stuff for her.  I had nothing for her birthday next week.  Not one thing on a list.  So, we decided to go shopping.  And boy did we shop.  

We hit Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Ross and Target.  And Starbucks, of course!  She is now a huge fan of TJ  Maxx.  She used to like Justice, but she'd get a $100 gift card there and be able to buy 3 shirts.  She was surprised to see Justice stuff at TJ Maxx and we bought so much stuff.  We spent $190 and she got 18 new things, everything from PJ's, to shoes, to a piano recital dress to 10 new tops!  She's super happy with all her stuff.  She now only wants gift cards to Ross and TJ Maxx.  That's my girl!  Seriously, it made me so proud.  There are lots of things I want my kids to learn from me, but shopping smart is high on that list.  We work too hard for our money.  Why spend more than you have to?

I told her I needed to wrap it all for her birthday, but she said no way.  She wants it now, so whatever.  Who am I to say no. It's her birthday. It was a fun day with my girl.

Next weekend, her friends are having a 4 way slumber party for their birthday.  They all have summer birthdays (3 August, 1 June) and it just seems silly to have a sleepover at someones house every weekend for 3 weeks in a row.  Plus, us Moms get tired of the attitudes when our girls don't get enough sleep.  So, we are trying something new...the girls are going to Dak's house for pizza and a movie.  Then, she will drop them at Steph's house at 10 for the sleepover.  Then, we get them when they wake up for breakfast and whatever.  Then, the other Mom is taking them to the mall for some shopping.  Instead of my giving one of her friends a $20 gift card and then they give us one, each Mom is giving her kid $20 and they are going to the mall to buy something.  So, that's our 4 way slumber party.  Hope it works out!

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Linda said...

Sounds like fun times minus the illness. Good for you and David on donating blood! I never have and don't know that I will because I don't eat other than a couple of pieces of fruit during the day and already getting lightheaded at times, I know I wouldn't do well and I don't eat chips, etc. Haven't had one in 2 years and not going back on that now.

Good for Emily on smart shopping! I should have done better with that myself, but my favorite is still Ruche Clothing online and stuff like that and it's not really cheap, but I don't buy very often. I did get me a "back-to-school" outfit for today that's cute - a brown cord skirt and a pencil-print blouse because hey, when you work at a college - why not? Today is their first day of class.

Hope your week goes well!
Love, Linda