Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I can't believe this sweet boy turned 7.  I always get so emotional at his birthday.  It just brings back so many bad and good memories.  It was such a hard time, and he was worth every second of it.

He had already opened all of his presents, but we got him up for school and let him open one from Dakri.  It was Spiderman Legos and Ben was just as excited as Noah.

They spent what time they had before school putting it together.  

School was school.  I guess it's like going to work on your birthday.  He brought in treats for all the kids, so I'm sure that made him the hit of the classroom.  

I didn't get a picture of dinner, but he wanted steak.  I also made those Pillsbury biscuits because he loves those and I so rarely make them.  It's funny, a few weeks ago, this was our conversation:

Noah:  I like my steak with red stuff.
Me:  You mean ketchup?
Noah:  No, like that pink in it.

I had no clue.  Then, we had steaks the other day and he said, that's the red stuff!  He meant he likes them cooked medium.  No well done for this kid.  Oh, got it.  And last night I made him a banana smoothie.  He takes a taste and says, "I think it needs vanilla."  How does he even know what vanilla is or that it would be good in a smoothie?  

Noah is funny like that.

The other day, I'm at my computer and he's the one next to me.  I have a huge booger that I can't blow out, so I pick it out and put it in a tissue.  And he tells, me "That's disgusting, you're supposed to eat it."  LOL.  Oh my gosh, this kid.

Then, thunder boomed the other day and Rocko was shaking and went to Noah for comforting.  Noah tells me, "Oh my gosh Mom, Rocko is vibrating so much."

He's naturally funny and makes us laugh.  He is so strong willed too.  This kid doesn't want to follow the leader.  He doesn't want to be the leader.  He just wants to do what he wants to do.

He's not a cake or ice cream kid (unless we are on a Carnival cruise, then, it's ice cream cones for breakfast), so I made him zucchini muffins at his request.  

Ben and Noah are best of buds.  It's so nice.

Then, he opened his cards from grandparents.  Thank you to everyone.  He loved all of it!

Happy birthday to Noah.  He's one of a kind.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Noah!! LOVED your little tribute to him here - so cute and I like his style - Zucchini Muffins LOL (but not eating the boogers, leave that out). Looks like he had a great day!

I had to add though - I don't think I've worked on my birthday ever. I'm kind of spoiled (always take the day off). :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I saw the post two nights ago but just haven't had a chance to write a note. My little girl is keeping me hopping. (Almost)
Loved your little tribute to Noah and yes, I am so proud his accomplishments as well. I just mentioned to Betsy that it was his 7th birthday and then we got into a big reminiscing talk about him and how great he is. So glad he made his first week of birthdays so memorable,