Saturday, August 13, 2016

Meet Rio

So, we got a cat. This right after I told David when Rocko dies, we are done with pets for awhile. Sometimes, I just want to go away for a few days to Vegas or the Grand Canyon and it's impossible with a dog. But, a cat is different, right? You can leave them for 2-3 days and it's not a problem. Or just have a neighbor come over once and you're good. That's my logic anyway.

First, this is Rio.

Now, here's his story.... It's Wednesday afternoon. I'm waiting at the bus stop for the boys and Dakri texts me to say she got home and there was a cat on her front porch. She opened the door and he ran right in. She put it in her dog's crate in the house. Now what? She did the usual check of Lost Pets on Craigslist and sent an email to neighbors. They didn't want to keep a cat. They have a dog door and around here, if a cat is outside, it's just a matter of time before it's dinner for a coyote.

She asked if we wanted the cat. We went over to see him. David was working in Show Low. We texted him a few pictures and he reminds me Emily and Noah are allergic. Emily wasn't allergic for the first 4 years of her life because we had a cat. We get rid of the cat and all of a sudden she's allergic. But, they weren't having allergies to this cat. They seem to react quicker to long hair cats. We come home. I try to text David. Nothing. Meanwhile, Dakri's trying to get rid of this cat. So, I make an executive decision and say we'll take him. We go get him. The kids are thrilled. But, I keep telling them that the owners will probably show up. He was skinny, but he still looked like someones pet.

The kids made toys for him and were playing with him. There were a few sniffles, but no major allergies.

Then, David calls and asks what the scoop is on the cat. I start to speak and he says, "There's a cat in our house, right". He knows me too well. He's so sweet. I ask him if he's mad at me and he says, "How can I get mad at you?". God, I love that man.

Then, our phone rings. It's Dakri. The cats owners are at her house. NO! But, they are moving and want to rehome the cat. YES! This is a cool cat. He's over a year, so he's not in the kitten phase, but he's still playful. He is totally social and loves people. He's cool with Rocko. He likes to be loved, but doesn't insist you pet him for an hour at 2 AM. He's neutered and up to date on shots. He's a dream cat.

The owners want to meet us, so they come over and we chat for a bit. First, his name is Helmet. Yes, helmet. Because it looks like he has a helmet on his head. He's also been lost twice in a week and four times in the past few months. They live in Prescott and were having friends watch him here and there. Apparently, he hung out at Kentucky Fried Chicken for awhile and the people there fed him. He got attacked by a dog at some point and had a $1500 vet bill. I don't know, it all seems like a lot. I don't know why the cat didn't have a collar on and why they didn't keep him inside. He won't be an outdoor cat with us. But, my fear is he won't be happy indoors. We tried to keep Max indoors when we first moved up here, but it's hard to cage a bird that's been allowed to fly free.

I didn't post about anything because I was waiting for the owners to say goodbye. They had some food and toys for him, and paperwork on his microchip. They had a cat tree for him. So, they came back again last night and brought some stuff and said goodbye. So, I finally feel like he's ours now.

The kids seem like they have a few allergies here and there. Nothing that Claritin and hand washing can't fix. I know that when you have a mild allergy and expose yourself to it, you can become not allergic. My friend has been getting allergy shots filled with all the pollens that she reacts to. The idea is that over time, your system builds up an immunity. So, we are hoping for that, but so far, the allergy to him has not been bad at all. Like a 2 out of 10.

We tossed around a lot of names. David and I liked Hamlet, since it was close and he responds to Helmet already. But, the kids didn't like it. Emily liked Milo, Boomer and Otis. Then, Emily and I liked Carlos, but David vetoed that right away. Then, David suggested Rio with the Olympics. We liked it, but Emily, Ben and I liked Rico better. But, David just won't go for Rico. So, Rio it is.

He's quickly adjusting to our house. He makes no attempts to even want to go outside so far. Maybe he's had enough adventure. He is super curious and is good exploring the house. The previous owners lived in an apartment and were amazed at the size of our house.  He sleeps all night and doesn't bother us a bit. He really is a sweetheart. And Rocko and Rio are going to be best buds in no time. They were nose to nose last night and I could tell Rio was thinking of rubbing against him. He wasn't quite ready for it, but soon, they'll be spooning.

So, that added a lot of excitement to the first week of school, which went great for all the kids. The boys now know what bus stop to get off at. And Emily is doing just fine too. She really likes Jr. High. All in all, it's been a great week!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Rio is definitely supposed to be part of your family. He looks so much like our cat Ely. Rachel thought it was Ely by looking at the 1st picture. He doesn't have as much black on his back but for sure they must be cousins if nothing else. I hope the allergies stay in check and that he becomes a much loved member of the family.Congratulations on his adoption.

Anonymous said...

Oops for got to identify myself... sorry. You know what it's like to have kids tugging on your sleeve and wanting your attention.LOL !

Linda said...

Awww, this is great!! :) Honestly, we've always had slight allergies to cats, but have always had them anyway. A few sniffles or itchy eyes when we snuggle too close but nothing that we can't deal with. :) He's a beauty of a cat! I had to laugh though... about just going away for a few days and they're fine. This has never been the case with any of the cats we've had. I guess ours are always more like dogs and big babies that require tons of attention. Literally, both of ours are that way. So, we always have to have my Dad or our neighbor Mary take care of them every day while we're away. Now that they're on their special food that makes them drink tons of water, they pee like crazy so the water bowls have to continually be filled (we need to get a cat fountain I guess), and the litter box has to be cleaned daily and not only that, but they need attention and complain very loudly if they don't get it and both actually go into a depressed state when we're away just for the day. When I'm home, it's like having 2 toddlers at my feet all day - they especially pester me, but..... we LOVE them and I can't imagine a home without our cats.

So, I hope Rio is wonderful for you all as well! ♥
Love, Linda