Thursday, August 4, 2016

Camping at Fools Hollow Lake

You know it's been a busy week when I haven't even had a chance to look at pictures.  I'm supposed to be working right now, but whatever.  I'll get that done later.

So, here's our wonderful camping trip.  This was the Fools Hollow campground in Show Low.  We had camping spot #23 and I have to say, it had the best view of any other spot.  However, the sites were way smaller than normal.  But, there was still plenty of room. 

When we got there, a monsoon storm was rolling in.  There was some thunder and lighting, so we set up camp as quickly as possible.  And nothing, no rain.  Thank goodness!  We never normally camp in July for that reason.

Here's camp almost set up.

And relaxing after it's set up.  David and I have everything down and we are a good team.  We get everything done in about an hour.

Then, we went off exploring. 

The entry to the water was all nasty with seaweed and David found this nice little 10 foot area that was like a beach entry, so that's where we went in.

Noah loved David's Father's Day gift.

David was fine with his chair.

The Suttons came over to visit.  We thought their camp would be closer.  This one has full RV hookups, so they were in that area.  But, they were probably a 5 minute walk to their camp.  We had 3 families close together in the tent section and 2 families in the RV section.

David and Ryan.  Ryan has lost like 40+ pounds since  March!

Dak and me.  She's lost 40 too!

The girls all brought bikes and went back and fourth between camps all weekend.  

The last time we camped, David said he needed an apron.  Not that he wears fancy clothes camping, but he doesn't need grease stains from popping bacon all over.  I got this Phoenix Suns one free from Fry's.  He looks cute.

There was this awesome playground right near our camp.  The kids loved it.

At night, we hung out at our friends campsite that was 2 down from ours.  Smores every night!

This is Savannah.  Noah and her are adorable and played all weekend together.

Here's David frying bacon and Noah relaxing. 

Our first full day there, we headed to the big part of the lake and everyone went swimming.  There aren't a ton of swimmable lakes in Arizona and even less at campgrounds.

There's David's head way out there.  I taught Gina's Frog School and took 8 kids across the lake.  They had life vests on.  The next day, I think there were 12 kids.  They all did great.

At first this just looks like a picture of a big tree.  But look closer....

That's Emily, in the navy shirt almost all the way at the top.  Her friend, Alissa, is below her in pink.

Here she is on the way down.  Talk about a heart attack.  I didn't let her do that again.

Noah loved doing the dishes.

And starting fires.

David finally got to try out his hammock.

We went for an afternoon swim by our camp.

Then, more kids joined in.  It was fun.  The next day, David took them all swimming across this part of the lake.

There's David's head way out there again.

We got back and made Jiffy Pop for everyone.  Seriously, it is so good.  Good think we brought two of them.  It was gone in record speed.

Here's David and Aaron.

And Noah and Savannah.  I joke that I'm working on their wedding video montage already.  HA!

The last full day there, we went down to the lake again.

Several of our friends had kayaks and blow up boats, so that was fun.

Here's Noah in the boat with all the girls.

Ben was happy rock jumping in  his pajamas.  There was a small drop off at the edge of our camp and it made me nervous the whole time.  I think I told him to stay away from the edge about 50 times.  It was like a 15 foot drop, and on boulders...not good!

Everyone came to our camp for a little afternoon chat.

Noah looking cute.

It looked like an afternoon storm might roll in, so we all decided to go out to dinner sine the town is less than 5 minutes away.  We all wanted mexican.  We should've made reservation.  We had 24 people.  The first place couldn't get us in for an hour.  The second place had a huge back room that they were able to get us in to.  Whew, talk about lucking out.  And they had the best chimicangas!

Boys table...

Girls table...  Can you tell the girls outnumber the boys?


The food came out fast and everything was correct in the order, which was shocking.  But, getting the bill was taking a little while.  So, I took the kids all out to the parking lot and they piled in Ryan and Dakri's truck.  They were like crazy monkeys!

It rained and thundered some the last night.  We are so thankful we don't have to bring Rocco on these trips.  He's a nervous wreck in storms and we wouldn't have been able to join everybody for dinner.  Thanks to my Mom for always house and dog sitting for us!

We liked the site so much, we already booked for next year!


Linda said...

Everything looks beautiful and surprisingly comfortable temperature wise. Here, I can't imagine camping right now because our humidity level is so horrible that upper 90s feels like 130. Literally. It's a sauna out there. Of course, I still have never ever camped - LOL. I keep saying maybe someday. We've hung out with friends camping at their camp site, but then we go home at night to our own beds, ha.

I LOVE David's hammock!! I've been wanting one myself that I wanted to string between our apple trees or somewhere in the yard and I don't like the mesh open ones so one similar to the one you got David is what I would like.

We head off in the morning for a day at the Michigan dunes. Sounds so funny always to people not from here because you know, we just drive up to Michigan for the day - 2 states away. Ha. But it's really only a 3 hour drive, so not too bad. Used to be even closer when I grew up in the Chicago area. Then after that, Jim and I are away at the far end of Illinois where it's like another state. Funny that many people who live here in the central or northern part are not even familiar with the beauty available in far Southern Illinois. I'm semi-prepared though for even more heat and humidity because it's always super hot down there in the summer and this summer with the even greater humidity.... well, lets just say I have a ton of hikes planned that may end up getting cut short and Jim and I may end up sitting in the air conditioned wineries instead (it's a huge winery area). ;)

Anyway - loved your update and photos as always! ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks for seeing my hint... not sure if that had anything to do with it, but I was dying to know how the weekend went and you as always provided... great pictures and explanation of everything. It looks like you had your own little village going there. It seemed like a very nice weekend even though there were lots of threats of bad weather. Love that Noah has his little girlfriend. I think they have been friends for quite awhile now . Enrique and I both agree that Noah seems to be growing quite a bit lately. Well I guess that's what happens when one nears 7 years of age... Next installment hopefully will be about that age changing event. Hope you all have a nice weekend and that the return to school is not too hectic. Best wishes for a GREAT school year to all. ☼