Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Noah copies everything we do. Which can be a good and bad thing.
He helps me fold clothes. He even shakes them out like I do before he folds them. By the way, he folds clothes by throwing them on the floor and stepping on them.

He helps me wash the windows. Then, he puts his mouth and spit all over it.

He sits on his potty fully clothed and goes to the bathroom. Does that count as using the toilet? Yeah, I didn't think so.

He gives himself a mustache with a Sharpie. Well, none of us do this, but it's a cute picture.

He runs around naked in the backyard. I think he gets this from David.

He spins around with the big kids to get dizzy.

He watches me get ready a lot. And I must say, he does a good job of putting on makeup. He blots his lips.

Then adds more lipgloss.

And he stares at himself in the mirror. I do not do that at least not with my head pressed against the mirror.

He tries to comb his hair.

Okay, he doesn't have it all down. He's combing his hair with my blush brush.

It's fun to watch him imitate us, but on the other hand I think I'm teaching my son how to be a pretty little housewife.

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Linda said...

This is hysterical - I'm cracking up. He's too cute. :)