Friday, May 6, 2011

The 3 R's

Emily will be 7 in August and she finally had her first measurable haircut. I've been trimming 1/4 or 1/2 inch here or there but nothing that I could actually put in a baggie to save. Her hair was getting very long and easily tangled, so I suggested we trim off a few inches. She agreed and it looks so much healthier.

The kids use that Tonka truck as a pretend wheelchair. Emily's friend Alanah recently had hip surgery and she was in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. They think it's cool to get pushed around in the dump truck aka the wheelchair. At least they find more than one use for it.
We pulled up to karate the other day and Emily spots something and say's, "Mom, it's the 3 R's!" I'm thinking reading, writing and 'rithmatic. And she says, "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Ah, kids today.
We were at a party last weekend and there was a piano there. One of our friends plays very well and sat down with Emily for a little lesson. Emily quickly learned this song.

Needless to say, our friend has offered to teach Emily piano lessons for the summer. Expect a lot of videos of Chopsticks and Mary Had A Little Lamb.
While David was spraying weeds, he noticed a birds nest with some eggs the other day in one of our bushy trees out front. Last night, the eggs had hatched. We all took a little peek and completely made the Mama mad. But they are so cute.

And since we are on the topic of the 3 R's, guess what the bird used for a nest? The cotton filling from our hammock that Rocko had pulled out.

I knew there was a good reason (besides being lazy) that I didn't pick it up.


Linda said...

Neat update. :) Funny, but it says "2 days ago", but I am just seeing this now on my page. Am wondering if Blogger is off lately.

Ah yes, the little tune that Emily played, is played so often in music classes every time a piano is spotted. I remember it from Junior High choir, and kids running over to the piano playing it, though obviously - fist playing is not encouraged on the piano in real lessons, LOL. I think kids get discouraged sometimes when it comes to the real lessons, because I remember how Sarah was all ready to play songs, and instead - there's just a whole lot of note reading, correct finger placement and finger exercises in the early years of piano lessons. :)

Hope you have a nice Mother's Day weekend, though as Jim said - "what is this - MOther's Day WEEKEND thing?" He quickly reminded me that it is just ONE day, and even then, knowing how things go around here - it will be like any ordinary day for me with the usual chores.

Anonymous said...

Loved the new hair cut and yes, you're right on "close"(lol
) examination you are right her hair does look so much healthier with out those extra light ends. Good job.
Grampie loved the video of "the pianist" at work.I guess he figures his prayers have been answered. I hope she makes the lessons worthwhile. We'll be eagerly awaiting all the video updates.☼

Sarah said...

The baby birds are cute and all, but glad it's you and not me.