Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yesterday I noticed tons of little bugs on our concrete patio. They are the size of a ballpoint pen tip and they were everywhere. I'm not fond of bugs. I looked around the backyard and they were on anything warm, the slide, the block fence, around our windows.

So what are they? Not ants. Not beetles. Not flies. Not fleas as Rocko was just fine. They would occasionally fly and they didn't bite or hurt anything. Then, I noticed they were getting inside the house through our windows. I went to work with the vacuum cleaner. David sprayed the outside and inside of the house. We hoped they would go away. But as soon as it warmed up this morning, they came out again. I figure they will die off like anything else, but I could barely sleep last night. I kept thinking I was itching. Our bed is right below the window. How well could you sleep with this above your head?

Although, they do go away at night, but still. So, I did what any rational housewife would do and called an exterminator this morning. And I got some unexpected news.

They are ladybugs. Yep, baby ladybugs. Ugh, I don't really like ladybugs either, but I suddenly felt horrible for the thousands that we already killed. It was a particularly cold and wet winter here, so we are seeing very different bugs.

The other unexpected news? The exterminator recommended not exterminating them. He said it will be like free pest control for the summer and we shouldn't have to worry about spiders or grasshoppers. If I have my choice, I'll take the lady bugs. I just wish they didn't want to come inside my house. His advise on that was to keep sucking them up with the vacuum and not worry about it. They will die off in a few days as their is no food source inside. It's still fairly cold out at night, so they are just looking for a warm spot to thaw their bones and our windowsill is a good spot.

Yesterday the kids were freaked out by the bugs in the windows. Today, they are trying to hold them. As for me, my Eureka vacuum cleaner is my new best friend.


Linda said...

There is that issue here in some homes as well, but here, they are not true ladybugs, but rather Asian Beetles, a relatively newer pest. True helpful ladybugs are deeper red in color and they have different spots than the Asian Beetles. The Asian Beetles also bite and smell when squashed, although this article says that they don't all bite (unfortunately that has not been our experience). http://www.ipm.msu.edu/beetleFAQ.htm#10

Linda said...

.... also did the exterminator say that these are baby ladybugs? Because I looked at your pictures more close and those aren't ladybugs. ??

Linda said...

Thanks for your note - baby ladybugs, well I'll be. :) Well, at least they're friendly, but I'm with you - I don't like bug invasions. We usually get ants and I just hate them. This year, I placed the traps around early but I notice that there's a big ant hill out by the sidewalk again that I'll need to spray.
Good luck! :)