Monday, May 9, 2011

Move Over Elton John

Have I mentioned that Noah complains a lot?

It's actually starting to get better. He's learning to communicate. Instead of crying when he wants something, he will come pull on my shirt and I follow him to whatever it is he may want/need or want/need to destroy.

He wants to get on the stool to play the piano at least twice a day. This kid has rhythm. He gets that from his Mama.

When he plays with those buttons, he's trying to turn on the music. He doesn't realize that he does that accidently with his wrist. Then it's time to raises the roof.

If he can groove to that tune, there is no telling what he may accomplish musically one day. But first, I need to get him to use the toilet.


Linda said...

That's hilarious. :D He's so cute, groovin' to the music.

pam said...

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care! Go Noah! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Everytime this week when I felt i should just smile, I looked at my little man just having a good time with the beat! I'm waiting to see him singing and hear his sweet little voice. Hope your week went well!☺