Monday, May 2, 2011

Time Out

I would never say that Noah is a happy go lucky kid. He complains. A lot. I'm praying he outgrows this when he learns to speak. I make a lot of excuses for him like he's teething or he can't speak or he's hungry or he has an earache or he didn't sleep well. I would normally not associate with a person who complains 80% of the time, but what do you do when that person is your son? I just love him and hope my positive attitude wears off on him before his negative one corrupts me forever. It's a good thing that he can be so cute and sweet or we'd sell him to the lowest bidder.

In any case I think when Emily and Ben are here, he feels he has to be loud to be heard. Some youngest children might shrink in that situation. Noah gets loud. Very, very loud. And now that he is almost two, he will be earning time outs for his rotten behavior. He had his first one the other day.

He actually sat there and cried for two minutes.

Fake tears and all.

Then, he got up and walked away as if nothing happened, and he was quiet.

I think he's going to be spending a lot of time looking out that window.

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Linda said...

How funny :) It's not though when you're in the midst of it, I remember it well. Sarah is youngest, oldest, and only all in one and she was NOT a happy baby. As much as I love her, it's in part the reason I only had one of my own. By the time, I was over those difficult years, it was too late.

Time outs never even worked with her because she would simply stomp right off, or up to me and kick me and scream. I tried waiting it out and she was known to scream for 2 hours. I was the one who often needed a time out and would go in my room and close the door, only to have her charge after me and kick the door until I opened it.

It was THAT rough. Dr. Dobson has a book "The Strong Willed Child". I've mentioned it before. It greatly applied to her (and to me). I changed my attitude over the years to view "strong will" as a blessing instead of a curse, because these people do indeed know what they want and when applied in a good manner, they are unshakeable in life.

Anyway - the pictures are cute. :)