Monday, May 30, 2011

Officially Summer

Summer is officially here. I know this because the rack in our laundry room changed today. It went from this:

To this:

The pool at our clubhouse opened for the season this weekend. Even though our nightly lows are in the forties, we thought we would go and if nothing else spend some time in the hot tub.

Ben jumped right in.

Emily took her time getting in.

Noah was content to just watch for awhile.
The pool was pretty cold, but they didn't seem to mind. They went back and forth from the hot tub to the pool and back to the hot tub again.
Eventually, Noah got in. Hey, he wanted to. He clung to David for dear life. Then, he sat on the steps of the hot tub with me.
David threw the kids.
And Noah threw everything in the pool.
And Ben warmed up in the hot tub. I think he is either 6 months pregnant or looking at Buzz Lightyear on his shirt.
Emily was back to being a fish in no time.
And would you look who has little curls in his hair? I may just have to forgo my 1/2" clippers on his hair and let it grow.

When Emily turned 5, she started swimming the width of the pool. We tell the kids, at five, the floaties need to go. We let Ben wear his floaties for a little bit today. Then, he had his first swim lesson of the season.

In true Mom fashion, I have eyes in the back of my head. Ben did great. He does an impressive doggie paddle. I'm hoping to get rid of the floaties in the next month.

We had a great afternoon at the pool. This is how we spend almost every evening and weekend during the summer months. I'm happy to see the rack filled with wet towels and swimsuits again.


Anonymous said...

Great way to spend the afternoon. ☼
Ben looks like he is doing fine without the floaties. Hope he'll be swimming solo soon. Maybe by Labor Day Noah will release the death grip and enjoy the pool as well. ☼

Linda said...

Hooray for summer! Loved seeing the photos and reading about your time at the pool. Perfect way to spend the afternoons/evenings. I can't believe you're still having lows in the 40s at night - that seems incredible to me considering where you live and where we live and our lows are only in the 60s at night, and this week, not even that - it's hot (in the 90s) and very humid. Unfortunately, today is looking like the chance for more severe weather to move through by tonight. Seems like we can't go for more than a day or two here without that threat this year.

Funny that you wrote about the change of items in the laundry room - when I was just thinking the same thing about our laundry room as I added the swim towels to their usual location by the door that leads to the backyard.

Yes, if we were neighbors or at least closer, we would have loads of fun for sure. I love to entertain, as you know. :)

Have a great summer.
Love, Linda