Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Around Our House

Evenings around our house are pretty low key. They involve diapered babies running around the backyard. Or is that a baby Saskwatch?

And cowgirls running through the grass in their pajamas. Those are our raspberry bushes behind her. Looking forward to a great raspberry year.

And Batman swinging nunchucks.

Mornings around our house involve coffee. We are all coffee drinkers. Yes, the kids too. Noah just got off his morning sippy cup of milk and is in need of something stronger. He found Ben's coffee this morning and he loves it.

Ben watched the Hulk this morning and decided he needed cheerios with green milk. So, that's what he got. He also had a dentist appointment and I pray I got all the green off his teeth. Great dental report, by the way.

Emily went to her first piano lesson this afternoon. She came home and was very eager to practice her first song. I love that she learned to play with more than just her pointer finger.

Our friend is teaching her and Emily is loving it so far.

It's our first week off for summer and so far so good.


Linda said...

It always makes my day to see a new post from you. I love seeing what you and the kids have been up to.

First of all - WOW! Your Raspberries look fantastic! I just moved all of mine last year and bought new ones so they don't look anything like that, but hopefully I'll get a pint or two. Strawberries are coming in now here.

Emily is doing wonderfully with her keyboard playing. :)

Anonymous said...

OK Now Grampie is happy. He loved the video of Emily actually playing and her comments afterward made him happy. He bothered me all evening to call , but I restrained myself and let you have your family evening without interruptions from the meddling in laws.Oh yes be on the Look out for some mail for Emily from her Grampie.
Hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your week.☼