Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jumping on the blog wagon

We live in an age where technology and communication are at our fingertips, yet we fail to keep in touch with the people we love. I was telling David last night how much I enjoy reading blogs. Not from random people but from a handful of friends who have one. I love it because it keeps me up to date on what is going on in their lives. I often learn more intimate details about who they are and what they think. I like reading about the little things as it's usually forgotten when it comes time for the monthly phone call or yearly Christmas letter. David really enjoys writing and has tried to keep a journal, but somehow he strays after awhile. Last night, I told David that I thought we should do a family blog. I can blog. He can blog. We can blog together. It'll be a way to keep family and friends in our loop. I hope you enjoy it.


Cancer said...

Very cool. I really like your photos on the side.

Grammie said...

Oh I love it. Thank you so much. This will be great "daily" news. Of course this doesn't let you off the hook for my weekly fix of pics. But, I think it is a marvelous idea. Good Luck and have a great vacation. Maybe you can blog from Idaho. :)

Lindsay said...

I am sooo excited!!!! I can't wait to read each and every detail and entry. Yes I will be addicted. :) You will be a great blogger! Can't read to read David's thoughts and ideas too! I miss you! In fact this morning I saw a couple walking in our neighborhood and they reminded me of you two. I smiled but my heart misses you!
You are on my blog bookmark bar!

brownymama said...

Yeah! It's so fun to blog and so easy to catch up with others!

Anonymous said...

Great, this is so much fun, Now I will be able to hear about all the goings on in the Galeana(western sect)family.I do get regular updates from Grammie, but this way I will be able to check hee and see how big the babies are getting and what fun that will be..Hoep you have a great vacation and lots of fun..The pictures you included are so cute..I was frightened to see how high miss Emily could fly..Yikes!!!Love ya ...Auntie Barb

Linda said...

I'm so happy that you've decided to blog! :-) Looking forward to reading about your life and seeing photos here.

St.Clair Family said...

In full disclosure, I need to say I (Robert) set this up for Denise. We are glad Gina and David have decided to make our small community home. Though it took awhile;

We also have had plans of vacation; and have recently completed them. It’s important to remember how valuable these times are. As a working father; I truly appreciate the time I got with my family. Also; I have returned to work and energized full of stories of our adventure.

Though it took 10 years we; are no longer alone and we are glad you are near by. We finally have some one our century we can relate too. Its even better that is family.

Best wishes/

The St.Clair Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina, David and the muchuchichoos (And of course, Forest and yes, even Max)! I think that my mother has gone to heaven. What more could she ask for- yeah, a blog from me! The pic of Emily reminds me of when my uncles used to throw me around the living room from one to the other with me loving every minute of it! Incidently, have you noticed that Ben is fascinated with the color green-green goblins, the hulk etc.! I miss you guys and wish that you were closer. It would be great to share the great and not so great things about being pregnant with Gina. So far, everything is going well with Ben and Emily's future cousin. Daniel is convinced it is a girl and I am convinced it is a boy. On the last ultrasound, the baby was either covering his or her privates or playing with his or her privates. I am betting on a boy playing with himself even in utero! We will be delighted with either. Have a great week in Idaho and please do not feel obliged to blog on your vacation!