Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anyone Up for Downward Dog?

Aunt Pam came to visit us for the night on Saturday. Since we moved up here, she comes up for the day and stays the night about every other month. My parents both do this as well. Although, they will stay for several nights or a week sometimes. Before when we lived in the Valley, everybody was so close that there was no need to stay over. When we moved up here almost a year ago, my Mom and Dad spent the night. I realized that I haven't spent the night with either of them since 1991. It's nice to spend more quality time with loved ones.

Pam's visits are always great. The kids adore her. She must read at least 20 books and play countless games with them. They'll go out on the swings or down the slide. Aunt Pam is always up for anything and the kids love the extra attention. Pam always seems to bring them little gifts either it's Christmas time, their birthday or one of the many other holidays that Pam just gets them something thoughtful like Valentine's Day or Easter. Sometimes she'll buy something for Emily (like a cute sundress at Old Navy) because she can't resist. So Ben wakes up from his nap, sees Pam and says, "Where's my present?" I could not believe it. He's like Pavlov's dog and the sight of Pam triggers presents in his head. How embarassing. Lucky for him, Pam did have presents. Actually, they were from Pam's Mom. She volunteers at a domestic violence women's shelter/thrift store and can't resist sometimes when she sees a great deal. Now I know where Pam gets it from. So, Emily got 3 new pairs of shoes and they got about 10 Beanie Babies to share between them. They are a bit spoiled that's for sure.

One of the highlights for me of Pam's visits is always our girl time out. This is sometimes the only time I have alone to myself in months. When we were single, we went to Wildflower Bread Company and a movie almost every weekend. When we go out now, we do the same thing. So it was off to Wildflower for salads and pasta and then off to see Sex and the City. Pam used to come over every Sunday, and we'd make dinner and watch the show at my house. The movie was great. We laughed, we cried, we thouroughly enjoyed it.

This morning Pam stayed for our traditional Sunday morning breakfast. We had french toast with strawberries and powdered sugar, bacon, sausage and eggs. Afterwards, Emily was showing Pam how she can almost do the splits. So, Aunt Pam and Emily went to the family room to do some yoga. Emily was more than willing to follow along and tried to do everything just like Aunt Pam. It was really cute.

We will all be looking forward to our next visit with Aunt Pam. She is the true present.


Pam said...

That's so sweet, beans! You have the ability to make be smile and tear up at the same time! You know I love you guys bunches and enjoy our time together. Thanks for a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

Almost doing the splits and adding in the downward dog! We'll be over for some lessons!
So glad you had another great visit with Pam. I know we have talked about in the past what an awesome friendship that is! What a blessing! Girl time is a much needed moment in our lives!

Linda said...

When I read this, I immediately smiled and thought of my sister Barb's friend, Pam, who is also known as Aunt Pam to my sweet nieces, and they've been dear friends for many, many years. What a blessing your friend is.