Monday, June 23, 2008

Who's Pam???

I didn't quite realize that a few of you may not know who Pam is. We met in high school. We had big bangs, high waisted shorts and wore scrunchies in our hair. It was 1988 and we had both made the Spiritline which was the cheerleading and dance squads combined. If it wasn't for cheer and dance our paths may never have crossed. Pam was in all the smart classes, and I well, I didn't want to try harder than I had to and prefered to be up late talking to boys on the phone instead of studying. She's stuck by me through thick and thin over the last 20 years. When I was single, we would take a best friend trip every year. We've been galavanting all over the US from Hawaii to the New England States and everywhere in between. It's been a fun filled friendship for sure. Happy 20th Anniversary Friend and here's to 20 more!

I don't have a scanner, but I found a picture from 1988 that I took a picture of. Have a good laugh at our expense. Posting this photo could actually end our friendship. :o)


Katfe said...

That is awesome :).
--lil' sista

Lindsay said...

My mouth has dropped open in awe and I am laughing! Lovin' it! That is great!!!! You guys did the bangs so well!!! :)

Cancer said...

Time warp!!!! I love your picture. Tre chic.