Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Day of School

The first day of school was so simple and easy.  We got this.

Emily got up early and got ready for 8th grade. I'm so glad she's still not even interested in make up. A little lip gloss and she's off. She's in no hurry to grow up or look older.

Noah was looking sweet for his first day of third grade.

Noah gets to go on the big kid playground with Ben now, so he was super happy about that.

Here's Ben looking handsome for the first day of sixth grade. This will be his last year at this school, and he gets a little sad when he thinks about leaving this school.  But hopefully, Ben will be ready for bigger and better things. 

Noah walked through the door after school and passed out on the kitchen floor. He said the day was exhausting.  He makes me laugh.

We're looking forward to a great year!


Linda said...

They all look great as always and hope it's another wonderful school year for them and you & David!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Cute Lil Miss Dimples, ur Beautiful n do not need make-up..way to go Emily.. :) Adorable pic of Ben n Noah..Noah ur too funny lying on the floor, I see u took ur shoes off, n u were exhausted on the first day of school..I laughed
Too, Gina.. :) so kiddos make good grades like u always do n have a bit of fun, this year of school.. my Love ur Granny

Anonymous said...

It is amazing they have been back at school a whole week and I only now get a minute to say I hope they all have the best school year yet. They are all so bright and capable students . I hope this continues for a long time and that they do their best to make use of the brains they have been gifted with.