Thursday, August 24, 2017

Around Our House

I can tell it's back to the grind as I have no time to write anything. So, this is what is consuming our time around our house.

Emily NEVER wanted me to braid her hair.  Until now. She's almost 13, and now she wants braids every day. Double braids, sideways braids, braids into pony tails. I wouldn't mind, but it takes a good 20 minutes in the morning.  I prefer the singe braid of any variety because it only takes half the time. This was her braid the other day. I'm thinking it's just a fad and soon curly natural hair will be in and we'll be golden! I won't hold my breath.

We are up to our ears in peaches. I'm not even kidding.  Our poor tree has been there for 10 years and nothing. This year, probably about 1,000 peaches. From one tree!  No joke. Several limbs have snapped from the weight. We had to get everyone out harvesting last weekend.

This was just a few. I call myself the peach fairy and put them in bags of 25 and deliver to all my neighbors.  I've made multiple deliveries. It's insane.

I finally just put out a few boxes for whoever might drive by. I also put it on Facebook and 2 friends came and got a box each. Sweet!

We're all taking turns getting sick. First Emily, then me, now Noah and Ben's throat is scratchy. Ugh, it's the third week of school.  I'm lucky I get to stay home with this sweet guy and let him rest when he has a fever.

And I guess that's about it. You know how it goes. This weekend, Emily is having a slumber party with her friends and Noah is taking his best bud out for a late birthday for Noah.  Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Family, I'm thinking Emily is getting alot of compliments on her braided hair..gina u do her hair so beautiful..PEACHES, WOW, not any when I was there in July, only shriveled up ones..alrighty then!!!.
Did u use bonnie's tree stuff??? So sorry 3 of u were sick...that's not good..hope ur all better by now..well, I'm sure David will make a Peach Pie, he's good at making Yummy pies..:) love n hugs Mama

Linda said...

Here's a little unknown fact - I have curly hair - actually a natural wave which is coming out more and more now that I'm older. I've been going with it now that my hair is "longer" - ha ha - which for me, is down to my neck (that's how slow it's always grown). At any rate, curly hair runs in our family too.

Loving the braids and the peaches, but not so much the sickness so early on! Last fall I got a flu shot for the first time (free through work) and I'll do that again because I wasn't sick at all with anything last fall/winter.

I have to pick apples this weekend because our trees are weighted down like you mentioned, but with such tall trees, I have to buy one of those baskets on the stick - the apple picker things - so I can reach many of them. I've been putting it off because I'm not that big on eating raw apples - they're okay, but the variety I grow are more tart for apple pies and I can't possibly make (or eat) that many pies, so it's a chore picking and storing the apples which is why I've been putting it off but today and tomorrow are the day I'm afraid.

Hope you have a great weekend.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Don't know how I missed this until now. I thought I had checked last night on my e reader and it was still Noah's b'day post but then again maybe it was the night before.In any case glad to see everything except Noah is peachy these days.He looks so sad he must have really not been feeling good. i know he can be a pro at pulling a con from time to time but he really doesn't look happy. Hope he is feeling better for his day out with his buddy today. I am sure Emily is having a blast with all the birthday gang and enjoying all the activities going on. That is truly amazing that you got so many peaches . too bad they have to be consumed in a short period of time. Aside from canning or making Jam I don't think there are many ways to save them for later on. I wonder if the tree will continue to be so bountiful every year from now on.:)
Anyway... Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.