Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vacation, Day 9

 We got up today and headed to Soames beach.  It's the beach right by their house and our favorite. It's where we find all of our beach glass.

David and Emily went swimming.

Ben is happy to play on the logs.

Noah looking cute.

The kids are going crazy over all the pets around here.  They've  made friends with the 3 neighborhood cats.  Now, this sweet little dog made friends with them.

Then, cousin Amy came to join us. She came right over from the ferry and got everyone swimming.

Ben didn't want to go in, so David picked him up.

We came back from the beach to get the mini van and head out for pier jumping.  Noah stayed back with Uncle Terry and played cards.

Here's a shot of the ferry.  It's huge.

Amy and I were the first to jump!  My face here cracks me up. I just like to jump and not dilly dally and then I'm done.

Emily and Ben were working up the courage.  The plan was to jump together.

But Ben went, and Emily didn't.

Then, Ben and David jumped. Emily was still pondering if she should do it.

She finally worked up the courage.

And they jumped! We always make sure an adult is nearby in the water just in case.

Amy threw a wad of seaweed at Emily. It's flying through the picture.

And they jumped again and again.

Then, they wanted a bigger thrill and went for the pillars.  Emily wasn't sure.

So, David and Ben went.

There's cousin Amy swimming way out in the ocean. You can just barely see her head.

Ben jumped again.  I think he jumped 20 times.

Then, they went off the back of the pier.

Again, they were supposed to jump at the same time.  Ben went and Emily didn't.

But, then she went.

Cousin Amy had to escort them back because the logs have so many barnicals on them that you have to be careful not to rub against them. They cut like knives.

Ben jumped again from the high part of the dock.

And again, Emily kept chickening out.

She had a little unexpected help from David on this jump.

Ben doing a spidey pose.

And she jumped without being pushed.

More Spiderman...

Every time we come here, we watch Teddy Bears Picnic. It's an old VHS movie that Aunt Paula has had forever. So, while we were all eating dinner, Amy was barbequing her salmon more and she went out to the woods by there house and hid some teddy bears. Then, she took Noah out to find them. It was awesome.  He was so surprised.

It was a lovely day. Tomorrow may be a little rainy, but we'll probably still go to the beach. Who cares about some rain, right?


Linda said...

Yep, who cares about some rain? Looks like you're having a ton of fun as always. :) ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Okie dokie..another day of jumping.. :)
Ben has some awesome Spidy moves..
Emily looks like a ballarina flying thru the air off the log..what a suprise for Noah finding 3 Bears in the woods.great idea Amy...:) xoxo Mami

Anonymous said...

Wow ! It sure looks like it was a busy day especially for the jumpers in the family. Ben must have been in heaven and even though there was some hesitancy on Em's part she looks like she had fun too. I'm sure she was happiest about the fact that Amy arrived safe and sound. Emily loves Amy that's a given. So nice that Noah got to have one on one time with uncle Terry as well.
Hope it's not too rainy today and that you all have another great beach day.