Monday, July 17, 2017

Vacation, Day 7

First off, some of you who view from a computer, are seeing a photobucket ad over my last paragraph. Long story, but photobucket, who I don't even use anymore is now wanting to go from a free account to charging $400 a year to store pictures. Which is not happening. Well, not just me, everyone. So, I'll have to figure it all out, but that will have to wait until I get home.

Now, on do day 7...

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Ok, in the grand scheme it's not an awful day.  We were just hoping for a 10 and it's like a 2.  You know when you have a 10 experience at a restaurant or a hotel, and you can't wait to go back. Then, you do, and it's just meh.  That was today.

Last time we were in Osoyoos, we LOVED it here. The only thing we didn't like was that we didn't have more time. So, this time, we left my Dad and Suzy's house by 9, so we could be here by 2 and have plenty of time to enjoy this hotel.  As it turns out, the only thing we've enjoyed is our hotel room.  We got a bed and a headache for a pretty penny.

Let me back up a we left at 9 and the drive through Washington was gorgeous. Seriously, picture perfect happy little trees everywhere! This is Bob Ross heaven.

And if anyone can let us know what these pavement markings mean, that would be great.  We have no clue.  You can pass, but you can't?  I'm not sure.  

We stopped at this great little day use area in Colville National Forest. It was perfect. I would've loved to do the 10 minute hike to the scenic overlook, but we wanted to get to our fun hotel in Osoyoos.  So, we just ate and hit the road. We did meet this 20 something guy who was biking from coast to coast. He started in Maine 2 1/2 months ago. He was just doing it with his friend for an adventure.  I told him that it's good to do things like that before you have kids and get married.  After you have a family, you can still have adventures...they are just in a mini van.

David looks like bigfoot.

So, we get to Osoyoos and there is a fire somewhere. I get that fires happens, but it was disappointing when we thought we'd have gorgeous mountain views and instead, it looks like Los Angeles and the air tastes like an ashtray. Again not their fault. We of all people understand this stuff happens sometimes.

The lake area is packed.  All of the free inflatables that were here last year all have names like "Thomas" on them and they obviously belong to families that are here.  Actually, one lady came over to inform me the rafts I was looking at were hers.  I told her last year they had ones with "Coast" (name of our hotel) on them, but I didn't see any this year.

Last year, the beach area wasn't crowded, this year, it was packed. Not an empty chair.  Plus, there was less than 20 beach chairs for a pretty large hotel. This is the view from my balcony. You can see David at the top sitting in the sand with the kids around.

That's fine, let's just go to the indoor pool and waterslide.  That's 75% of the reason we book this hotel.  It's closed and doesn't appear to be opening today.  They had to drain it, now it's filled but the chemicals aren't right, the water is too cold. We heard every excuse for about 7 hours.  This hotel is expensive and here we all are just sitting in the room for hours.

At least the room is nice.  But, I just felt like this bat...I wanted to hang upside down and sleep.  Another bat, what are the odds?

Emily still looked cute and made this seaweed necklace.

And then we went for pizza and it was awful.  David sent his calzone back. A hot pocket tastes better. Our pizza tasted like a 2 out of 10.  It was all just meh. Ben wouldn't eat it, so we went to Subway after.  Now, we are back in room just hanging out.  

Last year, we loved this town so much. This year, we say we will find another route and not return to Osoyoos. Oh well...tomorrow is a new fun filled day. For some reason, no matter what the travel hassles we have, the second we get on the ferry to Gibsons, everything seems better.

And since they keep putting an ad down here, I'll add some periods just so you can still read the blog. 


Linda said...

I'm sorry the day went like that :( Yes, hopefully today will be much, much better! ♥
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well I am just happy that you made it safely to BC . Sorry the location didn't live up to you previous experience there. I hope all the forest fires don't delay you on your onward trip to Gibsons. I hope you all have a great visit with Paula and Terry. Hopefully the Fires don't reach their community and cause any more problems. I see that things in Phx area are not going too well either. Anxiously awaiting news of your safe arrival in Gibsons and hopefully the next few days will be some more fun times.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is ur mother lol I think the solid yellow liNE on both sides means nobody can pass on either side..I think, umm I know I'm right..too dangerous..I know u were all disappointed about that hotet I was too..I hope Amy is at Terry n Paul house, Emily loves n enjoys her
Company so much..the pics of ur drive is so beautiful..soggy yucky pizza omg...have a great time at ur aunt n uncles..:) :) love u all mom