Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vacation, Day 6

Today I didn't even take my camera around. I just used my phone to snap a few pics. It was pretty much a repeat of the other days.

David finally got to take his morning kayak ride.  I guess he was tired before and never really got to it.  I'm glad he squeezed one ride in.

We ran to Safeway and this mailbox cracked me up.  How is a manual mailbox out of order?

Noah played some video games.

Emily swinged or is it swung?

There was more rafting.

And the kids fell in off the raft.

And that's it.  It was a great day and we loved, loved, loved our time here.

Now, I have to go get my coat...winter is coming!
If you don't know what that means, it's that Game of Thrones is on.  :)


Linda said...

I keep getting some message over the last part of the blog post hiding some of your words from Photobucket, but that's okay - I can see most of it and I can see that you all enjoyed another blissful day. ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

US Postal service mailbox..OUT OF ORDER n all taped up?? What's up with that?? That is so funny..Gina ur pics came out really good even with ur cell phone!!
There is the angel baby doing what he likes to do, video games..Emily, swinging on a good ole fashion swing..papa must have put that swing up..well how nice that David got to take his morning kayak out on the water..from reading ur blog n seeing all ur all had a blast at ur dads n g-ma Suzy's..n it looks like u all ate very well.. :) I really don't get that u have to get ur winter coat cuz the game of thrones is coming..that is puzzeling..ummm ..ok enjoy the rest of the day...Ben must be sleeping or eating love n hugs mom

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I missed this yesterday but I guess I was too busy over being upset about loss of electricity. However it did come back around 11 and after that I was too heat exhausted to check for anything and besides by then I knew you were safely in BC so I just forgot to check for any last day in Idaho blogs and pics. I know your time there was short but I also know you guys must have really enjoyed the calmness and peacefulness of Pete and Suzy's Summer Retreat.People pay big dollars for a few days to relax in a spot like that.