Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vacation, Day 5

This was Grandma Suzy's goodnight hug last night.  :)
We woke up and found out it rained over night.  Nobody was expecting that.  But, it was still a high of 90 today and sunny.  The boys started the day with jumping.

Then, we took the speed boat out on the water. The raft is fun behind the pontoon boat, but it's super fun behind the speed boat.  My Dad has to try hard not to throw them off the raft.

Noah was a bit hesitant of going, so I said that I would go too.  That way my Dad wouldn't go too fast.

But, then I realized I was too much weight in the back, so Ben got in the back.

It was all fun and games at first.

Then, we started hitting some big waves.

As long as I laughed, Noah wasn't too scared.  

But, then I was scared!  :)  So, off Noah and I went on David got on.

These pictures just make me laugh. Their faces are so funny.

Then, my Dad decided they should play king of the log.  So, he moved the log that they use to protect their shoreline from erosion out and the kids all walked on it.  It was way harder than it looked.

David tried it.

My Dad tried it; even I tried it, but I only got two steps.

Not bad for a 73 year old!

Then, my Dad found a bat got stuck to their fly tape.  Poor guy. My Dad got him off, but he was so sticky, I don't think he'll make it.

Suzy got water balloons for the kids.

And we went out on the jet skis.

Suzy made a delicious Italian dinner and then we went back out on the raft.  

Then, this was the last photo before Noah called it quits.

These two could ride these waves all day!

And this was the last picture before Ben went swimming.

We were done, so Emily swam to the boat.  We had to go back and fetch Ben.

Noah pulled her in.

Here's a pretty sunset.

Then, we did a fire and smores.

And if these kids aren't on the raft, they are usually jumping.

And while we were out rafting, Suzy was making a cherry pie from the cherries he picked. 

And I wonder why I gain 5 pounds on this vacation every year!


Anonymous said... sweet is that grandma Suzy .a big Hugh goodnight hug from our (gwynne, suzy n sharon) 3 grandkids..gina n david have the most loveable kids ever !!! Umm did Noah build that flaming bondfire??? There's Emily posing like a model..:) cute pic of Pete n Suzy .
. Oh no Benjamin overboard..he seems just fine..hes tough, he's a super hero... ok PMB, CAN u make a cherry pie Suzy-Q Suzy-Q..yeppers cherry cherry pie oh so good so good..I loved those songs back in the 1960's
Or was it th 50's ?? lol love ya'll mama :)

Linda said...

It's so gorgeous there - what a great place!! And those are excellent photos! I had to laugh though, all that eating and then on the raft - I'd be sick, lol, but then again, you know me - I don't swim and there's no way I'd be out on the raft. I know, I miss all the fun, but that's okay. ;)

Loving following along with your great adventures.
Love, Linda