Friday, July 14, 2017

Vacation, Day 4

I found this picture on my phone from the airport and it made me laugh. When we were delirious around hour 6, we turned two benches together to make little beds for them. It worked great! Well, not that anybody slept, but it was nicer to relax for a bit.

And Suzy made this amazing strawberry shortcake last night. YUM!  Emily couldn't eat all this. Her eyes were bigger than her belly.

Today, we planned to drive the boat into Sandpoint and spend some time there.  Hair not tied up on the boat is a tangled mess. So, I put it in a pony to go through my hat and had Emily fish tail braid my pony.  It was sweet having her do my hair for change!  Of course, I did her hair in a french braid.

David drove the boat on the way in. My handsome captain.

The kids wanted to ride on the raft the entire way.  It's like an hour and 15 minute boat ride.  Ugh, I can't think of anything I'd like to do less, but they had fun. I'd be ready to puke at the end.

Since David was driving, my Dad and Suzy got to relax.

All the years I've been going here and I've never noticed that there is a little Statue of Liberty at Sandpoint.  I"m not sure why, but whatever. It's cute.

The kids played in the sand.

Here's everyone enjoying the beach!

And this guy was a hoot. He called himself the pirate of Pend O'reielle. Which is the river/lake we are on. He'd shoot water at people and pass out candy or little toys or something. It's a cool boat.

My Dad and Noah swam out to the log. My Dad was impressed with how strong of a swimmer Noah is.

I'm sure they were having some interesting conversation.

Then, Emily joined them.


Then, I swam out to join them.

And here we all are.  Not sure why Noah was so far away, but that's the 5 of us. I like how David and I are practically under water and Noah's side is still above water.

Then, we ordered Domino's pizza and had it sent to the park.  Domino's is usually meh, but this pizza was really good. And it hit the spot after a boat ride and playing in the water.

Then, it was time to head home and the kids wanted to be on the boat again.

Then, they hit a wave that was a little too big and Noah didn't like it.  

So, off he came and he liked being with me much better.  The other two were still good to go.

And that was our day for the most part. We are all sunburned, even with applying sunscreen 3 times, and exhausted. Looking forward to a great nights sleep and more fun on the lake tomorrow! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a "funtastic" day for sure. I love how Emily braided your hair . She did a great job. That statue of Liberty is cute. A good tease for the tourists.. I think it will be hard to pull yourselves away to continue northward in a day or so. Continue enjoying yourselves and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Emily, what a perfect beautiful job u did braiding ur mom's it..I wanted tobe a beautiful, umm but, I got married instead n had 3 kids... :) David, looKS so happy driving the boat..suzy ur strawberry shortcake looks divine..I can eat emilys!! Lol
GG, looks like another beautiful day in the n mom
Awesome pics..

Anonymous said...

Ok so the robot, or someone changed my word from beautian to beautiful..I meant beautian (did I spell it wrong??)
Well today they say Hair stylist...yep n I was going to go to beauty school..if I had started beauty school,
I would have been called a beauty school dropout..I chose the wedding n 3 beautiful children.. :) whoohoo :)

Linda said...

Wonderful photos and wonderful family times. ♥ You all look great.
I had to mention - a house in the rich neighborhood near campus here has a little Statue of Liberty like that as well. I also have on idea why, but it's there in their yard, lol.

Love, Linda