Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vacation, Day 3

We literally came in last night around 10:30, said hi and crashed.  But, even though our bodies were exhausted, we were all a little wired.  So, we didn't fall asleep for awhile. And then the kids were up bright and earlier.  It's like having Disneyland outside your door.  And these boys were jumping by 7:30.  

They got in swim suits and didn't get out of them for the entire day.  Really, I don't even know why I pack 3 outfits per person for a 12 day trip when all we do is wear swimsuits all day.  

Grandma Suzy made yummy pancakes and a bunch of bacon for Ben.  Disneyland and bacon...can life get any better?

Emily slept in a tiny bit, maybe 8:00 and then got right out to jump.

They skipped rocks.

And walked logs...

Then, it was time to take the jet skis out.

Then, they tried to catch tadpoles or little fish or whatever they were.

David picked some cherries.  YUM! But, the birds had gotten to the majority of them. Darn, birds!

We took out the kayaks.

That's me and Noah.

Emily on the paddleboard.

And David found some time to take a little nap. 

My Dad got the kids a net, which made tadpole catching way more successful.  I think they had a dozen or so.

And a dragonfly landed right by, so I took this picture for Aunt Linda.  Not as good as yours always are, but he looks yucky, so I guess I did ok.  :)

Then, Noah picked him up and I freaked out.

My Dad and Katie.  She's 14 and so sweet.

Suzy made a delicious pot roast dinner.  Then, we were off for a little boat ride.

The kids got to go in the raft behind the boat.

Noah is always a little scared and only went for a little bit. I think he looks like my nephew Rocco in this photo.  I've never thought he resembles him, but here, he does.

Then, this super cool kite plane thing flew over.  

Here's Suzy on the boat.

And David and I...

And that's a wrap.  I think we are all completely exhausted for the day and will sleep good tonight!


Linda said...

:o) WOW, I'm so honored to be mentioned in your story!!! LOL ♥ Seriously, the picture of the dragonfly made my day (or my morning at least since it's only 9:00 a.m., lol). Thanks, Gina. Not a bad photo at all - super cool and I guess yucky to you, ha ha. So funny that Ben picked it up too because tell him that's what I was doing when I took the recent photo of the one in our yard - I put my finger underneath it and petted it :P

Great photos and looks like picture-perfect weather as well. Enjoy!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures taken after your safe arrival. I guess it doesn't take long for everyone to feel right at home and enjoying themselves. There is one pic of Noah towards the end of your post that is so darn cute. I just had a sneak peek at how he might be looking a few years from now.HANDSOME to say the least. I hope you and David are able to relax and enjoy the surroundings as much as the kids seem to be doing. Enjoy the next few days before you are off to the next part of your summer. ♥♥♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

Gina, cute pic of u n david..I love that pic of Noah too, handsome...Pete u n Katie sue look adorable,,ok like u wearing the captains hat patty melt bud, u ok?? Cuz ur knee has an ace bandage on it..the kids are having such a blast in the water..gina ur dad n suzy have a beautiful place..the grass is like lime green..emily, Ben n Noah are sure good at jumping on trampoline..ummm I think I would fall off.. ): have Granny S