Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vacation, Day 12

Today started off with everyone loving on Romeo. He's a lucky kitty, and I bet he's going to miss my kids tomorrow.

Aunt Paula made us yummy pancakes and Uncle Terry made us bacon and it was delish.

Then, we headed off to the beach!

We hung out for almost 4 hours.  Ben did this the whole time.

Amy helped me find loads of beach glass.

Amy and Noah snuggling.

Our last view of Soames beach until next year.

Then, the kids wanted to jump one more time.  Noah didn't want to. They were supposed to jump together, but Emily chickened out again at the last minute.

Then, Amy and David both pushed her.  :)

Ben did a cannonball off the pier for his final jump for the year.

And Emily did her last jump.

We are taking the 7:30 ferry for Vancouver tonight. It's normally a 15ish hour travel day, and it's brutal as we all have to wake up early.  So, it's nice we are breaking it up a bit this time. We'll be back in the states by about 10 tonight and staying at a hotel, so that'll save us over 4 hours of time tomorrow. Let's hope the day goes smoothly.


Paula Kelley said...

😢 Oh, how I will miss you all. Thank you so much for still wanting to hang with us old folks. See you next year❤

Anonymous said...

I see n read that their is a whole lot
of love n kindness In this whole family love n praise our Lord n savior..xoxo Mom. What an awesome vacation..Paula n Terry Amy I'm sure the Galena family will be back to visit..they love spending time with all of you.. :) you are just very loving sweet people.. ;)

Linda said...

Another wonderful vacation in the books. :)

Much love to you all,