Friday, July 21, 2017

Vacation, Day 11

Yesterday's rainy day came today. But that didn't stop us.

We woke up and Noah has to go "catting" which means he visits all the neighborhood cats and gives them treats and love. This is Romeo.

Then he found Cocoa. He gets this from his Grandpa Enrique and his Granny Sharon. They like to feed all the stray cats. So, Noah is doomed since he gets this gene from both sides of the family.

And this Snickers bar makes me laugh...

Because the back of it is grouchy in French and grognon just sounds grouchy, eh?

We headed to Starfish Beach, which is actually Flume Beach.  Ben went right to doing what he does best. Running.

And this is why we call it Starfish Beach.

It was a little chilly, so some kids that weren't running wanted light jackets.

Noah found a cute baby starfish.

It was low tide, so sometimes you'd just find a bunch of starfish hanging out in the sand waiting for the tide to come back up.

This is barnnicle rock. If you don't have shows on, you can't climb on it as it's covered in barnnicles and your feet will get cut up.

My cute kiddos.

Because it was low tide, the sand was so wet and you'd just sink in it.

Here's the starfish.

Noah dressed this one up with moss with and made him look like Patrick from Starbucks.

These two were eating puffy Cheetos and being silly. Cousin Amy stayed home because her back was hurting.

Then, we went to Starbucks and McDonald's for ice cream cones. And we visited the corn guy. He comes with a truck load of corn and sells it in the back of his truck.  And on the way back, it stopped sprinkling, so we headed to another beach to eat lunch.  This is Davis Bay or Sandcastle Beach. We went to a sandcastle competition there a few years ago.  I also call this one crab beach because there are bunches of crabs there.  

Ben took off running again.  

And this ship was so funny. We thought the mountains were right behind the ship. Then, the ship started moving and we realized that the mountains were moving with it.  Oops, it's just hauling mounds of dirt.

Noah's hiding under the towel trying to keep warm.

So, I told them to run 3 laps and they'll warm up. That's what I tell them at home too. And it worked!

Emily doing handstands.

The kids racing.

Noah was trying to feed the birds. They were too far away and not interested. So, then, he'd just eat it.  Noah likes to feed the animals.

I think we are going pier jumping again tonight.  We are heading out tomorrow night, so today will probably be our last day to jump. We are taking the 7:30 ferry out tomorrow night and getting across the border and spending the night there.  It'll be good to break up the long travel day.


Anonymous said...

Well by now you're probably up from your last night of Canadian sleep time. Even though when you get home you'll be in the same time zone you'll probably see the difference in the time it gets dark at night.
It looks like yesterday was a tour of the beaches day. Interesting that the starfish are purple in color. By the time you usually see them I guess they are all bleached out and are a yellowish color.
I am glad that you all seem to have had a good vacation and are looking forward to getting home at this point. Safe driving and air travels in the next two days.Once again thank you for sharing each day.

Anonymous said...

There she goes handstands n cartwheels..Emily, our next cute Lil
Cheerleader..N there goes Ben, running,
Our cutie pie track star..oh yest, next is adorable Noah who likes the girls n loves all the animals n feeds
Them n pets them..yep, just like
Grampie Enrique n Granny Sharon feed the stray n feral cats !! :) what
A wonderful time u all had with Terry,
Paula n Amy.also with Pete n Suzy.lots of memories on this vacarion..Be Safe!!
Love to all, God's Blessings, Mom

Linda said...

I'm with Noah and Grandpa Enrique and Granny Sharon, as you probably already gathered, in that I like to feed all the stray cats. Sometimes it gets me into trouble like recently.... being that we now technically have an outdoor cat "Mona" and I'm bringing her to the vet next Monday to get fixed so that she doesn't have a ton more kittens because we can't possibly have a yard full of cats. I have my hands full with the 2 that we have indoors and now every day begins with me feeding Mona on the back patio and spending time with her too. Jim reminds me that I brought this on myself, but he actually likes Mona too (and the kitten - though the kitten is feral and it's doubtful that it's ever going to warm up to humans).

Anyway, I've so enjoyed following along your travels again. Such a neat beach with all those starfish!
Love, Linda