Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vacation, Day 10

It was supposed to be rainy all day today. It wasn't going to stop us from going to the beach. What's the most that will happen...we'll get wet?  But, as it turns out, it was a beautiful day. A little cloudy, but we are good with that as it keeps everyone away from the beach and we get it all to ourselves.

Ben woke up and headed straight outside to find cats.  I was still sleeping, but I got to see Noah do the same thing.

This is Romeo.

Noah loves him.

We headed to beach and Emily thought a dog was in a neighbors yard, but it was a deer.  Just hanging out without a car in the world.

I didn't even get out my camera at the beach. It was relaxing, relaxing and  more relaxing. I got a  nice beach glass collection going for my own mason jar. Emily and Noah each have one filled, so this year, I'm filling one for me.

Then, we headed to the pier to jump.

Noah wanted to try this year for the first time. He was working up the courage.  

Ben kept jumping to show him there was nothing to be afraid of.

And then he did it! He took about a minute or two to get up the courage and in he went. I have a video of it that I'll post when we get home.

And just so nobody freaks out...cousin Amy and Emily were right there if he needed any help. But, he was a champ! We kind of bribed him with banana bread. Aunt Paula's banana bread is his weakness. He had already had 7 slices, so he got more when he got home.  Did he jump again?  Nope, once was good enough. 

But, these two kept jumping and jumping. 

Then, they swam out to the dock farther away.

This picture of Ben is cool, like he's standing on the water.  There were some other kids doing back flips off the pier.

Then, we got ready and went for Chinese.  They have the best Chinese food. We go every year. I love their honey garlic pork and Aunt Paula gets the ginger beef. They are both so good. We all share and it's delicious. 

I had Noah pose with the seaglass sign.  

And here's some dinner shots. 

And these two girls are so silly.

And Ben must've been starving. He normally won't eat Chinese, so we order him fries. He ate those and starting in on the chow mein and kept eating.  But, honestly, he doesn't stop moving the entire time we are at the beach. He works up an appetite for sure!

David and Uncle Terry.


And this was our view from our table.  Gorgeous!

Then, we went for gelato and Emily and my spoons matched our shirts.

And look at her curls.  So pretty!

I saw this canoe of flowers and thought something like this would be good at my Dad and Suzy's house. He just said he thought of putting flowers in the canoe since he didn't use it much anymore.

I think we are heading to starfish beach tomorrow!  It's always a fun place to visit.


Linda said...

Beautiful photos! So much activity though you know - no jumping ever for me. ;)
One time in my entire life was enough for me - that was high school swim class and I was terrified and almost drowned, non-swimmer that I am, lol.

Looks like such a beautiful "rainy" day - ha.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, First off I want to say thank you for being so dedicated to the cause of letting us keep up with everyday of your vacation. I known you really have another agenda for the future viewing of your kids but I take it a little more seriously in the present time.
It looks like you guys are having a great time with Uncle terry, Aunt Paula and Amy. Thanks for including pics of them as well. Everyone looks great and Paula I love the grey streaks! it takes a lot of years to earn those stripes. LOL !
I know you only have a couple days left. Hope they are good ones. Glad Noah accepted the bribe and the banana bread won out. Paula does make great banana bread. Hope you make it to Starfish Beach today and that there is lots of exploring going on as well as a few pieces of sea glass show up .

Anonymous said...

Yippee..Noah finally did the big jump..good for u Noah...very nice sweet pics of Gina n Paula n David n Terry..Emily n Amy so cute n Happy!! Ben u r just a natural at Jumping, on Balls, trampling , in the water ur amazing..Chinese food looks really tasty.. Emily ur curly hair looks so pretty..those waves are in style now big time...Enjoy the rest of ur visit n water works. .:) :) love u all mom