Tuesday, July 25, 2017

He's 10!

This sweet boy turned 10 on Sunday!  He is the sweetest dog ever/ unless there is a thunder and lightening storm. Then, prepare to not sleep all night as he is going bat sh*t crazy. No joke. 

Anyway, back to the sweet dog that he is 98% of time.  

He loves walks, rawhide bones and rolling on the grass after a bath.
We love him bunches!

We sang him happy birthday.

I mean really, can you take the cuteness?

He got a sweet potato chicken treat.

We've never really celebrated his birthday before, but 10 is a big deal. 
We've had him for 8 years, and he's such a sweet dog!


Anonymous said...

There he is our handsome Rocko..Happy 10 th Birthday.on July 23 2017.. .you look so adorable with your Hat on..those Sweet potato treats, are Tammy Puppy's favorite..
Looks like you had an awesome birthday Rock..Love n hugs xoxo Granny Sharon

Linda said...

Rocko is sooooo cute!!!! ♥
Happy 10th Birthday!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Rocko really is a truly wonderful loving dog. I always look forward to patting him as I sit in my designated chair when I come to visit.I am so happy you all made notice of his big day. ♪Happy Belated Birthday, Rocko♫