Sunday, July 2, 2017

24 Hour Whirlwind

I didn't post this earlier because David wasn't here, and I don't like people to know that my husband is gone for the week.  That's not something the cyber world needs to know. So, last week, David had a training in Mesa for the entire week.  He left on Sunday and came home on Friday.

He was sad that he wasn't going to see us all week.  So, he said we should come visit him one night. So, we did just that.  We drove down Wednesday afternoon. The fire burning in our town causes us to take a longer detour, but we still made it to Mesa safe.  As soon as Emily heard David was in Mesa, she said, "That's where Ellie lives!" So, the plan was hatched that Ellie's house was our first stop.

I'm so grateful we got to go see her.  Ellie's family has done all the work keeping visits up with these two girls over the past 6 years. We just don't go to Phoenix often. So, it was nice to be able to finally go see them.

We picked her up and headed straight to a new trampoline park called Urban Jungle.  Oh my, it was fun. It's a huge indoor playground basically for kids.  These two girls are so cute together.

The boys like the rock wall and climbing stuff.  It was like American Ninja Warrior.

The raced up the wall.

Ben LOVED this spider web looking thing. He'd go down and up and down again. 

The girls tried the rock wall.

But, there favorite was the trampoline area.

The boys got in the trampoline area for a bit too.

But, they preferred the spider web thing.

These girls could've jumped all day.

When we were done, we headed for ice cream. I thought we'd get snow cones because it's the Water & Ice store, but they always have Thrifty ice cream which if you are from around here, you know is just about the best.  So, ice cream it was.

The other thing those Water & Ice stores always have is throwback to the 80's candy. I spotted bubble gum cigarettes!  Oh my gosh, we used to love those. And they'd have a little puff of powder come out when you blew on it.  We'd get them from the ice cream man all the time.  But, now they call them candy sticks or something.  But, they are still bubble gum cigarettes!  The kids thought they were super neat.  Not smoking of course, just the bubble gum cigarette.

David met us at the ice cream place since he just finished working for the day. Then, we dropped of Ellie and headed to his hotel for a dip in the pool.

These other people there had water balloons, so they gave us some.

For dinner, the kids were thrilled with salad and Papa John's pizza.  Our Papa John's closed almost 2 years ago, and we miss it.

The next morning, we said goodbye to David as he headed off for training. We packed up and headed to Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium for the day.  A perk of my job is I got annual passes for free, so we were able to have a fun filled free day.  That's my favorite kind of day!  

We were here a little over a year ago, but they've added some new stuff and it's just always fun.

Noah and Emily raced Lego cars.  Noah won.

They have this new space center.  Here's Ben as an astronaut.

And Emily...

We didn't know what would happen when the clock counted down.  The pic is blurry, but the space shuttle took off.  It was pretty cool and shocked us all.  

Then, we watched the Lego movie. The last time we were here was for a special event for bloggers.  We got in free and it was closed to the public. We had free snacks and soda. The kids were like why are all these people here? Where is the free popcorn?  Um, sorry kids, not getting any of that today. We still had fun though and I had snacks, so it was all good.

When we were done, we went for lunch. We got Subway, but Noah gets a salami sandwich, only eats the 4 pieces of salami and it's like $5.  It drives me nuts, so I let him get an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen instead.  Whatever.

Then, we headed to Sea Life Aquarium. Emily and Ben had been there on field trips, but it was mine and Noah's first time. It's very hands on.

They got to pet a lobster.  Emily and Noah petted everything. Ben pet nothing.

They had these bubbles that you could put your head in, so it was like you are in the aquarium. It was super cool.  This is a puffer fish.

There faces are the best!

Emily found her favorite...turtles!

And the jelly fish are cool!

This little Dory was adorable!

Then, I let them get a souvenir and the guy gave us pirate hats for free. 

It was an awesome day. And literally, we left Tempe the same time we got there, 24 hours later.  Whew....we packed so much into 24 hours. We grabbed a Starbucks and hit the road!

We were so glad to get to go see David for the day.  He's had this job for 5 years and has been traveling all that time. We always miss him and we're always so sad when he has to do overnights.  But, the best news....he got a supervisor position and he starts tomorrow!  No more traveling!  To say we are excited is an understatement.  I know he'll do great at the new job. He's already done it before, so it won't be too new. But, it's still a change, but one we are all ready for.

Summer is officially half over.  We have our big vacation in 10 days and then the kids will have just a few weeks left and school will start back up.  We are soaking up every ounce of fun this summer!


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post for almost a week now. David didn't tell me about any of your adventures wed and Thurs. All I knew was about the pool and Papa johns so I was delighted to know the rest. I am so glad Emily and Ellie got to visit. It is amazing that they have been able to keep up that friendship. They are both so cute . All the other stuff they got to do was so much fun too. Almost like a summer vacation packed into two days.
I hope all works out well with David's new position and so glad he will not be on the road all the time . In 5 years I guess he has covered thousands and thousand of miles. So glad they were all safely driven. After this I guess the next big adventure will be to Idaho and beyond.... Granny Sharon will be reporting for Rocko and Rio duty, no doubt.
Happy 4th tomorrow .

Linda said...

Looks like so many fun activities packed into a little getaway! :) It seems so long ago now that I had to plan summer activities. Sarah now travels off and does her own thing and it will only be a matter of time now that she'll be out on her own and Jim and I are enjoying being kidless and doing whatever we want. Each part of life is a season and this is where we are now and I'm good with it.

Congratulations to David on his new position! Changes at Jim's work too and sort of good - mainly good - but also just different and Jim just hopes to last another year and be done with it.

Happy 4th of July!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Emily n I said n knew David would get that supervisor job..his whole family knew it..n TADA !! HE GOT IT..He is a very smart man..:) congrats David..Gina, what a 2 day jam packed trip..happy Emily n Ellie got to hang out n have fun jumping..Ben n Noah are 2 Lil super heroes,climbing everything.. I see that Emily n Noah wore their tie-dyed t-shirts they made..glad u got past the Goodwin fire, I was concerned..Gina ur a trooper :)xoxo mom