Sunday, June 25, 2017


Our sweet Rio turned 2 today!  The kids wanted to celebrate.  So, we did with TUNA! He went right for it.  I guess he didn't realize the candle was lit.

We had to pull him back and take a photo and sing him happy birthday. You can tell the only thing on his mind is tuna.

This cat loves tuna.

We are so happy to have him. Literally, Emily sent me 15 Snapchats today of the cat.  She misses him dearly when we are away. All the kids do.  He's a sweetie!


Linda said...

Awww, Happy 2nd Birthday to Rio! :) Sweet kitty.

The funny thing about tuna - our Winston would never touch it. He acted like we were trying to poison him and would back off if we attempted to give him any. Butters and Lucy however, adore tuna.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Rio. 2 years , doesn't that mean in cat years he is right in the midst of his teen years?? He is such a lucky cat to have ended his travels around the county and ended up at your home where he is loved and cared for everyday not just on his birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd birthday to ur handsome strong kitty RIO !! What a sweet loving n curious cat...Rio totally gets a lot of loving n attention, from all of you..he is for sure very special..❤ n what a gift tuna . :) love mom