Saturday, June 3, 2017


I can't say much about the big surprise 13th birthday trip because Emily's friend Alanah reads my blog. Emily doesn't read it much. But, here's the basics...a few months ago, I thought about taking my girl on a trip to see a show that I can reveal right now. I wanted the whole family to go but David couldn't get more time off work.  If it were up to me, I'd like him to have the whole summer off and we could go play. But, someone has to bring home the bacon.

Then, I mentioned the idea to Dakri and the 13th birthday surprise girls trip was formed.  Emily and Alanah both turn 13 in August.  So, yes, it's early, but the show that we wanted to take them to is now, so whatever.

We decided to give them clues to have them figure out where we are going.  
We gave them the first clue at the movies on Friday. It wasn't so much a clue, just a note saying we are leaving Wed. at 9:00 and a packing list.  They were so surprised and totally confused.

Then, they got clue #1 last night. It was supposed to be today, but Dakri couldn't contain herself.  We've both almost slipped 100 times, so it's nice that the trip is out in the open. Now, we just can't slip on the location for a few more days.  This was clue #1 printed on a piece of paper...

That slide in the middle goes through an aquarium of sharks!

Tomorrow will be clue #2 and Monday is clue #3, These are really just clues to what we are doing, but they still might not know where.  Clue #4 though will be a dead giveaway, I think.

We are going for 2 nights, so they know it's a road trip. But they have no clue where. What they do know is that we are going to have a blast!


Linda said...

How fun!!!! :) Love it ♥

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the next chapter. Hope you all have a ball. Certainly something to always remember.

Anonymous said...

Fun Fun Fun in the Sun!! The girls seem very excited..Happy Birthday Emily n Alanah, in August ❤❤ love Granny