Thursday, June 1, 2017


Gwynne, just turn away now. You won't want to see this. My mother in law loves longer hair and no beard. But, no too long of hair.  

Anyway, she won't be happy.  Sorry, Gwynne!

The boys wanted a shorter haircut for summer.  Basically, they just don't want to comb their hair for 2 months.  So, they ask and Gina's Beauty Parlor delivers.

This was Ben's before.

And his after.

And here's Noah's before. 

His during....

His hair is so hard to cut. It's so thin and wispy and he doesn't stop moving.

Here's Noah after. He was just at the pool, so his eyes are red.  He wasn't crying...I swear, Gwynne!

And now for something to cheer up my mother in law.... our cute kitty taking over Rocko's bed!


Anonymous said...

Hi..I'm with u Gwynne,, I like longer hair too:) but our grandsons will be swimming all summer..n their hair will be easier to take care of..Ben n Noah seem to be happy n they look cute..but, Gwynne, look at Rio in Rocco's bed..�� u love kitty cats.. :). Hugs to all mom

Linda said...

I love long hair and beards! I didn't see any beards in these photos though ;)

Love that Rio is enjoying that big bed, lol.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well Gina, you more or less got that right but I do agree with Sharon that they will probably be better off with those cuts for the summer. I hope that it will be grown out by August 7th or so. Your right about Noah's hair being very fine and still almost like baby hair. I suspect it will thicken up as he gets closer to his teen years. Yes, the picture of Rio is very true. Cats love to just make any place their own. And really it is Grampie who is the cat lover. I am just an innocent bystander. ( is that a word?)
In any case thanks for sharing all the new looks around your place.