Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day

We woke up on Father's Day in the big house that we rented with friends for the weekend. More on that later.  It was strange being somewhere else on Father's Day. We are always home.  We had a yummy breakfast and packed up and David drove us the 2 1/2 hours home.  Ugh, it was long.

Then, we gave him his cards and gifts.  Ben likes to reword the cards or do something funny in them.  He gets a kick out of David's reaction.

I love these two pictures of David and Ben.  David is such a good Dad and you can tell that Ben loves and adores him.

Then, we went to the pool.  Because we've gone to the pool every Father's Day that I can remember.

I knew that we wouldn't get home until late, and I always make David a lasagna on Father's Day. So, the day before we left, I got it made for him.  The boys loved helping.  We had to make meatballs too.

They actually did really good and were very helpful.

Ben was funny with the cheese. Just put it on!  But, he ripped it into a bunch of little pieces.  Whatever. As long as someone was helping me, I didn't mind.

And you know what? It was delicious!  It wasn't a very exciting Father's Day, but we were together and that's really all that matters.  


Linda said...

Looks like a good Father's Day. Though I had to chuckle as you're probably aware by now from my FB posts, but Jim had to drive 12 hours all day on Father's Day, as we were returning from Georgian Bay that day. That trumps 2 1/2 hours, by a "little", lol. :) xo

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics of the kids looking so happy to spend Father's day with their Dad and doing things to make him happy , right down to helping with the meal preparations. I also noticed that the card that Ben was sharing with his Dad could have been completely made by him. The design on the front could have actually been drawn by him. As an aside I also wanted to thank you for the nice cards you, the kids and David sent Enrique for father's day. All the kids have their individual way of sending their greetings. Love it.

Anonymous said...

David, u r such a wonderful, caring n loving father to ur 3 children ❤❤❤
Ben n Noah are having a happy time making lasagna n was very yummy boys..I ate some, good job. :)
Happy fathers day david..Gina made sure u got some great the pics,
Ben is starting to look like his Dad :) so cute..