Monday, June 12, 2017

Emily's Recital

The whole reason the trip to Vegas was formed was because Emily learned songs from Phantom of the Opera for her piano and violin recital.  She had her recital on Saturday, and she did fantastic. This was a black and white concert, so they were supposed to wear a black dress or white shirt with black pants.

Her piano playing has really progressed in the last year and the violin pieces they are playing are high school level.

Mrs. Kim's son is playing piano and the other violin student, Amanda is on violin for a couple songs.

Then, they switched. Her teacher is playing second violin and Emily and Alanah are playing first violin. Her teacher plays in the Yavapai symphony here in town. Her daughter. Ellie, is on the cello and her other daughter, Natalie, whose in the musical program at NAU is on the piano.

Mrs. Kim's husband loves doing videos, so he records everything and we can just sit back and watch.  Here's the video of Emily's performances.  She was nervous for this one and rightfully so, she had almost 15 minutes worth of music to play. Normally, she's at like 7 or 8.  

On the piano she played:
Ashokan Farewell
Angel of Music (from Phantom)
The Entertainer
Phantom of the Opera (duet with Ellie)

On the violin she played:
America the Beautiful
Grandfather's Clock
Merry Widow Waltz
Appalachian Hymn
The Russian Music Box

We can't even begin to describe how proud we are of her. She has stuck with it through highs and lows and she's become such a talented musician.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, perfecto, oncore, to Emily n
Alanah!! ❤❤ how beautifully you both played your are both 2 truly dedicated young ladies.. :) Emily your piano playing has taken on a new meaning, so lovely hearing you play..I started the video grabbed the kleenix, n of course Granny cried, yep through the whole video...I'm so proud of you..Hugs n Kisses ur Granny xo :)

Linda said...

It's wonderful that Emily takes it seriously. Good for her!! ♥

Love, Linda