Thursday, June 1, 2017

Camping at Kaibab Lake in Willaims, AZ

We tried a new campground this year.  Dakri always books a group site.  The site we used to go to was great, but you needed it fit 10 or more families and was more expensive. Over the years, a few families have dropped off for various reasons.  This year, we had 7 families, so we went for a smaller group site that fit 7 and it was about 30 minutes from the other campground.

Personally, I loved it because we didn't have a 30 minute drive down a dirt road. It was a few minutes off the freeway.  Which also makes for an easy trip to the grocery store if you forgot something.  

We were the first ones there and the kids got busy exploring.  Noah climbed a tree.

Ben jumped on rocks.

Emily did handstands.

David and I get busy getting camp all set up.  The kids are semi helpful, but a lot of it is muscle work and David and I are just a good team. We get the whole thing set up in about an hour. Honestly, the kids just get in the way, so we send them out exploring, which is what they'd rather be doing anyway.

Another thing I liked about this campground is the lake is right there.  We had a nice view of the water all weekend.

Noah got busy making a fire. This kid loves fire. He learned how to light a match which he would've lit the entire pack of 300 if I didn't stop him.  He's very responsible, so don't worry Mom.

Dakri brought me a margarita!  

We had lots of relaxing happy hour time.

The first night we had philly cheese steaks and salad.  Emily enjoyed being waited on.

Then, we made smores.  These kids could eat 5 smores a day.  They were limited to 2.

Then, Ben built a fort. They were doing a version of the TV show Naked and Afraid, but with clothes on.

Noah carried this long all the way to camp and I have no idea how. It seriously weighed as much as him. He's about 48 pounds. I could barely lift the log. It was impressive.

Emily being cute. The lake looks small, but we were on the end where it ended. 
It curved all the way around. 

Josh burns an art project every year in the fire. He loves art.  :)

The next morning, Noah was back to making a fire.

David made us all yummy breakfast of bacon, chorizo, pancakes and eggs.  

David, me, Dakri and Ryan walked around the whole lake and it took us over an hour.  I think this is the only picture I took of that hike.

Oh wait, here's one from Dakri's Facebook page...

Our table was in full sun at lunch, so we had a picnic.

And took naps...

Then, David should Noah the trick of putting the lit match in your mouth and blowing smoke rings.  Noah was totally impressed and my husband smelled like a forest fire.

Emily learned how to flip upside down in the hammock.  Kind of like a bat.

The sunsets were my favorite with the sun coming through all the trees.

In the morning it was time to french braid Emily's hair again.

Noah liked finding those little green bb's.

The boys enjoyed some Jiffy Pop.  It's so fun to make camping and it's so good!

We took the boys for a hike and told them they were on a scavenger hunt for a bone, eagles nest and dead fish. We scouted it out on our walk the day before.  They found the bone. I'm not sure what this is from, but it looked like a huge femur.

There's the eagles nest up in the tree.

Noah found the dead fish and was underwhelmed.  He said, he "thought it would be more dead".  Um, what? It has flies all over it and you can see right through it.  He wanted no skin and only bones. Maybe in another week.

Our camp was right on the other side of the lake.

Now, Emily got in on the Jiffy Pop. We need to bring like 10 of those next time.  

Ben usually prefers to be a loner on camping trips and play by himself. But, he played with the other boys and had a really good time.  He still needed time to himself every day, but he spent the majority of the time playing with all the other kids.

I didn't get any pictures, but there was archery and bb guns and softball games and tons of fun stuff like that.  The kids all played some game called spoons.

And here's the group shot of all the kiddos.

They were supposed to dab, but 2 out of 3 of my kids are too cool for that apparently. 

And one last sunset on the lake and it was time for campfires and smores and the end of another great camping trip.

But not to worry, Dakri already booked the site for next year and we are locked in again!


Linda said...

Looks like a totally fun time. :) I still have yet to camp. Maybe this will be the year. ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and it does look like you all had a beautiful, restful weekend. 7 families is still quite a few people and those who have been dropping out don't really know they're missing out on a great weekend getaway.(Don't share your pics with them they'll get jealous and want to come next time LOL) Just joking. :)
This weekend you can stay home and chill and get ready for the next weekend camp out. It will be upon you before you know it.