Thursday, June 1, 2017

Around Our House

A big post about our camping trip with tons of pictures is coming. But, these were some pics on my phone for the last few weeks that I wanted to post.  We got home from camping on Monday and it's been a whirlwind with work and the kids being out of school.

I love my kids dearly, but I'm so used to working in silence.  The talk...A LOT!  I don't know where they get that from. :) It took me three hours to do a grocery store ad that normally takes about 90 minutes. They ask questions, they want stuff, they fight. All of which requires me to change focus from work and focus on them. 

But these days are short, so I'm trying to embrace them and our time together.  But, it's entirely possible that I hid in my closet with a bag of Doritos on Tuesday for 30 minutes.  

This kid is adorable and he makes random noises for no reason ALL DAY LONG.  Here he is with his fidget spinner.  He had to have one. He even slept with it for a few days.  Seriously, who knew these things were going to be such a hit.  It's literally some bearings and it goes round and round.  It is fun though, even David and I like to play with it.

Even the cat likes the fidget spinner.

Emily brought me home this pillow she made in Home Ec.  It's so cute!  I made this awful hot dog pillow in Jr. High. Remember that one, Mom?  It was ugly and not fluffy and I had to sew on mustard. I hate mustard. Anyway, I like Emily's pillow a lot better.
The kids had all their award assemblies for school.  There's Emily smack dab in the middle for Principal's List. She made Principal's List all year!

And here's the much smaller group for perfect attendance for the semester.

Here's Ben getting Principal's List.  He got all A's all year too!

And here he is for Perfect Attendance.

Then, a small group of kids that had perfect attendance ALL YEAR got called up.

And they got a Kindle Fire!  This is Ben's second year in a row with perfect attendance, so he now has 2 Kindle Fires. Since they are the same edition, he was sweet enough to give the new one to Noah.

And I don't have a picture, but Noah brought home a certificate for Perfect Attendance for the quarter too!  Geez, my kids were really healthy this year!

Ok, so that catches us up on the last week of school.  I'll get to camping in a few days.


Linda said...

I was just thinking of you and wondering when there would be an update and here you are! Loved all of the updates, congratulations to the kids on all their awards, and I believe I might need one of those fidget things because I fidget constantly ("they" say it burns a ton of calories though so I fidget especially when I sit at my desk at work). Looking forward to your camping stories and photos too.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Enrique says "Thank you so much for the pictures, you know they are my bread and butter." From me I enjoyed seeing the kids at their awards presentations and also Emily's sewing project. Her pillow is very cute. She must have forgotten to show it the other day when we were on Skype. Also how great is it that Ben won yet another Fire and they he so selflessly gave the new one to his little brother. He is just the best kid going. Of course Enrique loved Noah's picture and when I read him your comment about the noises, I said you see he is just like you. Of course he was happy to brag about that.
So all that being said... Lucky you, that you can grab a bag of doritos and go hide in your closet. I don't know where to hide to get away from the noises in this house that absolutely drive me nuts at times. LOL!!!
We'll be waiting for the camping pics when you have time.Tell Ben I am waiting to see his decision come to fruition one of these days after he gets bored with relaxing. :)


Anonymous said...

I know we are all so proud of our Emily , Ben n Noah .❤❤❤ the 3 of them are all so so special to all of us..we love u kids so much..Emily great job on ur pillow perfect job..Noah when I come to ur house I want to play with ur fidget spinner..:) big hugs mom/ granny