Tuesday, June 13, 2017


My sweet husband turned 46 yesterday! Gosh, where is the time going.  He had to work. Boo.  But, we tried to make the rest of the day special for him when he got home.  Emily made him a cake.  Chocolate with chocolate frosting is always his favorite. She also wrapped his gifts.

We met David after work and headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

We got home and opened cards and presents. This is the kids' card and Ben changed some of the words to make it funny.

I don't when birthday gifts got so lame, but I guess when we get older, we are just happy with whatever.  He got some new work shirts, pants and socks.  That all sounds incredibly boring.

But, the cake was good!

Rio hates being held.

That was about as exciting as the day got.  I wish we could always be somewhere fun on our birthday's. but, he was with his family and I know that's the most important thing to him.  Happy birthday babe.  Four more and your 50!  WHAT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes 46! Unbelievable... where have those years gone? I am so blessed to have a son like David and I am also blessed that he found you and for the 3 beautiful loving children you gave him and us.I love that Emily is making her Dad his birthday dessert of choice. I'm sure there was a little tutoring from mom also.I love the pictures of David with the kids and so glad Ben got to use his imagination and changed some of the words on the card. Looks like the outcome was hilarious.
Thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Happy 46 Birthday David..I also love the pics of u n ur 3 sweet children.. ❤ Gina u should have taken a pic with ur hubby..nice gifts for Dad..Emily u made a very pretty chocolate cake for ur Father...Im glad u had a great birthday David.. :). Love n hugs Sharon.

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday to David! Looks like a great day and I enjoyed seeing the photos. Also, Rio's look is hysterical, reminds me of how Lucy is when I hold her (she's always shoving off of me which is exactly how Sarah was as a baby - the stiff arm (or leg).

Love, Linda