Saturday, May 6, 2017

Not a Normal Friday

I'm on a mission to clean out my entire freezer of meat.  I buy when things are on sale and sometimes over buy and we have 3 freezers and we ate meatloaf this week that was almost a year old.  So, no more buying meat until everything is cleaned out.  

David came home from work and asked what was for dinner.  I told him some chinese that was in there from Costco.  He asked if we had any more gift cards to Olive Garden.  Low and behold, we had one!  So, off we went for a yummy dinner.  

Ben and Noah don't eat much there, so we got ice cream after with some gift cards Pam had given them for Valentine's Day.  Thanks, Aunt Pam!

We were going to head home, but I suggested we head to this new park. Well, it's about a year old, but I saw it one day and thought the kids would love it. Emily and Noah had been for a birthday party, but Ben never had.  

The parks story is rather sad.  It was built to remember Kayla Mueller who was from Prescott. She was 26 and went to Turkey with Doctors Without Borders.  She got captured in Syria and raped and tortured for a year before they killed her. The park was built in her honor.

And it's an awesome park where families gather, people laugh and memories are made.  And I'm sure that's exactly what she would've wanted.  

Here's Emily flying high on this swing saucer thing.

And the zipline is totally awesome.

This just looked like a little seat, but it spins you around and around until you want to puke.  It's awesome!

David and Ben played tag for like an hour.  David was seriously the biggest kid there and I had to tell him a few times to watch for the little kids.  He's nuts...but, fun!

Emily hanging upside down.

More tag on the giant teeter totter.

There's even a little hockey rink on the left for roller blade hockey.  David would've loved to go out there. Maybe next time.

These two fight and then are so cute together.

We were there until after the sun went down.  It was a nice end to the week.  Next time, we'll just grab a pizza and bring a blanket and go enjoy the evening.  


Linda said...

A perfect evening and such a nice park! :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I think that park is so cool..the kids seems to really enjoy it...n having fun..boy those restraunt cards come in handy..also I saw that garden demo on shark tank..of course in a blink of an eye, I thought of Gina n really impressed n hugs Mama PS..yes David is a kid at heart..ur kids love when their dad plays with them.. They laugh n giggle..

Anonymous said...

That was a great way to end last week . The park looks fantastic. You'll have to tell Alisa to take her kids there next time they go out to visit. it looks like it caters to "kids' of all ages. So much fun. Yes, i agree with your mom's post above David really is a kid at heart and probably loved getting to play with his kids there. A little dinner Out probably added to the fun of the evening, topped off with a little ice cream sounds yummy to me..