Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nice 'n Easy and Other Happenings

Last weekend was our community yard sale. I usually sell everything on Craigslist. I make more money that way. Then, the leftovers get donated. So, we rarely have a yard sale. But, I love going to yard sales.  You never know what treasures you may find.  

So last weekend, we all piled in the car, except Ben. Garaging saling is not his thing. We didn't find much this time around. But, we did find one great thing and have one awesome story.

We found a meat slicer. David has always wanted one of these. We make philly cheese steaks that it would be perfect for.  We usually just cut the meat by hand and it takes like 15 minutes. He went back and fourth on if he should get it.  Just get it!  It's $10, who cares! So, he got it.  He sliced up some leftover pork chop and it was yummy sliced so thin.  All meat is better sliced thin.  

Now to the funny story....

We walk up to a yard sale and this older gentlemen says, "I like the color of your hair."

David pivots his head around trying to find who this guy is talking to.
But, he's talking to David!
David says, "Are you talking to me?"
The guy, "Yeah, I like the color of your hair."
To which David says, "Nobody in my life has ever told me that."
Then, the guys wife chimes in and says, "He likes it because it's the color of my wig...gradient gray."

And I didn't hear a word of this conversation as I must have been looking at something fascinating. But, we laughed about it afterwards. 

Let me tell you something, my husband would say that he's not a talker. Actually, he makes fun of me all the time because I talk to everyone. Yet, we go to yard sales and every time I turn around, he's being Chatty Cathy with someone. I couldn't find him once and he's in a garage chatting with some guy about hockey. Another time, he's off playing a guys Fender guitar and they are talking music.

I usually go to yard sales with Dakri and we are both talkers. But, not when yard saling. It's in and out.  David didn't get that memo.

Ok, on to other things.  In the past 6 months or so, Ben has become a bit OCD on certain things.  If the pantry door is cracked, he shuts it. He doesn't like the bar stools cock eyed, which who can blame him, that's my pet peeve too. He notices time on the clock, "It's 5:55 or 3:33".  He'll say that all the time. We have a piece of carpet on top of our carpet in the living room, so when David does his workouts he doesn't sweat on our carpet. Well, the edges fray a bit and Ben will tuck them in. 
I hope that it means he will have a clean tidy house one day.

But, in the meantime, we like to mess with him.  So, Emily, Noah and I opened most of the cabinets in the kitchen and moved all the bar stools and it was Ben's nightmare.  

This cat.  He has us all wrapped around his finger.  David is the biggest surprise.  He loves this cat. And last night when David got home from work, Rio came running in from his catio to see him.  This is Rio and Emily every day after school.

So since my last experience of dying my hair with henna was a bit of a fail. It was way too red.  You can refresh your memory here. That was 9 months ago and my hair had grown about 4 or 5 inches. I could see a faint line at my eye level where my hair had grown out. My gray hairs were driving me nuts.  So, I decided to dye my hair. I really just can't justify a salon and a $100 price tag to do it.  So, I went on Clairol's My Shade app and you can "try on" different shades.  

Over the years, my red is just slowly fading.  It's turning to a mousy brown with gray in there. I was so afraid of my hair being bright orange. You know, we've all seen the old lady at the store with the awful orange dye job. But, David and I liked this shade.  Light Caramel Brown.  How can you go wrong with anything caramel?  It just looked like it brought me back to a red without being orange.  

So, this is my before.  In the picture, you can't see my grays or that the top of my head was more brown than the bottom part that still had some reamains of henna in it.

Here's waiting the 25 minutes.  Eeek!!!

And here's the after. Almost the same thing!  I love it!  It took out all my grays and evened up my color.  It's smidge more brown, but that's all good.  If I knew it was going to be so nice and easy to do it, I would've done it ages ago.  Clairol's Nice 'n Easy is da bomb!  With a coupon and sale, it costs about $2.  That, I can afford!

We are in the home stretch for summer.  The kids have 10 days left! I can't wait to sleep in and go camping and on vacation and have no schedule for 10 weeks!


Linda said...

LOVE reading your newsy update! :) So much to take in.

That's funny about David. Sort of sounds like Jim because of course, I'm the talker and he's generally not, but that's not the case with people we come in contact with, especially at places we frequent (like Crane Alley, where we've become friends with all of the servers - literally. They're younger but we hang out with them some nights after they're off work and it all came about initially because Jim is very friendly with the servers, always getting to know people).

Loved the prank you played on Ben. :)

Your hair looks beautiful! Love the color! I can't imagine growing 4-5" inches - I haven't had mine cut in at least 3 years or longer and it's very, very slowly finally getting to below my ears and to my neck. It's always been like that. I have colored my hair though on my own since I was 15. That could be the reason, lol. But no seriously, I've had mine done at the salon for the expensive price and I do it at home and it still looks the same, so yep - I take the cheap route and do it myself.

Sarah graduates college a week from today. Her classes are all wrapping up this week. I just saw some college students in their caps and gowns here on campus when I was out for my run and I got all weepy. I'll be a mess next Thursday evening!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, I saw your post the other night and of course was waiting to get on computer to make my comments . Trying to comment on my Fire is not something I've mastered yet. The tricks to prove I'm not A robot ARE OVERWHELMING TO ME. Anyway it was nice to catch up on your everyday kind of news. It certainly is amazing how grey my baby has become . He must have some of my genes after all. As for your hair color I love the newest look . It really suits you. Your eyes are just the right color for that hair color...for some reason it looks very natural. The kids all look happy and of course playful as always. Hope they are all spoiling you this weekend. ♥

Anonymous said...

HI GG, THIS WAS SUCH A FUNNY POST..FIRST DAVID, HIS HAIR is a pretty color..n the man I like the color of ur hair..hmm u talking to me..oh it was just funny :)..then Ben, cabinets all open n chairs moved all over the place I wish I had seen Bens face..Ben n I are Aquarius, we are sencitive n a bit ocd..yep I am too, even with the clocks
..Emily just truly loves Rio..cute pic..UE hair looks awesome Gina, I love you no matter what color hair you have.. :) but u were born a natural Redhead..great post..where was our Lil Noah :). Big hugs Xo mama PS HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOMMYS ❤