Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Emily as Katrina

This week is our crazy week.  The kids get out from school in 7 days, but this is the week that they have all their concerts and other going ons.  All grades are due in by Friday. Then, next week is the fun week, field trip to the movies, field day, assemblies for good grades, etc.

Last night was Emily's drama production. They did 6 mini plays and skits. Emily played Katrina Van Tassel from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  They had to read lines in class and the teacher assigned parts.  Emily was basically the lead girl for this part of the production.  I couldn't believe it. Our shy little Emily who wouldn't talk got a lead part in a play.  

They rehearsed every day at school during class, so we didn't go over lines much at home. But, Emily had quit a few lines to memorize and she did great.

Here she is before we left. She is looking so grown up.  Sigh...

And with her favorite person.

We sat in the second row, so I was able to get a few decent pics.  I took a little video, but it didn't turn out great.  But, I did buy a copy of the DVD, so I should have that in the next week. I'll get it on Youtube once I get it.

Emily was the love interest of both the boys she was sitting between.  

We are so proud of her for her hard work and performance.  She also had a heck of time finishing all her reading requirements this quarter. She had to read 3 books over the weekend and take quizzes on all of them yesterday. She worked so hard this weekend and got it all done.

This year was a huge change for her with a new school and all honors academic classes and she did so well. She's become so much more confident and has grown into such a beautiful young lady. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh , our sweet little Emy is all grown up. She is beautiful and I am so proud of her. I remember being in 7th grade and taking part in my first real play that had a script and a story. I had a very minor part and it was a singing solo with only one spoken line, but I was scared to death and never performed a solo part again. I decided choral parts with about 50 others was more my style, so for that reason alone I am so proud of her. She looks fabulous in costume and I can hardly wait to see the Youtube video .
Both Grampie and I are so happy you did this post cause I was truly wondering how it went. Good Job Emily!

Linda said...

This is wonderful. Emily is awesome. ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

So great! Way to go, Emily! So proud of you! I cannot wait to watch the video. Keep it up you bright, talented beautiful girl!��
Auntie Pam

Anonymous said...

Emily, u look so elegant, beautiful n royal..u surly fit the part in the play..ur dress fits u perfect, so pretty..I am so proud of u getting the lead part in the play..I got a lead part in a play in high school..I was Ghostina in the House..I was wrapped up in a white sheet..n u could see my eyes n my long red ponytail!! Thats it..it was fun.. :) I hope u continue taking Drama class in high school..it is so cool, n a lot of fun!! I love u cute Lil miss dimples :) ur Granny