Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bunk Beds

About 3 years ago, Aunt Pam got Ben and Emily Halloween books.  Ben read his right away and then was completely freaked out because there was a part of the book describing how a girl put a flashlight under her chin in a dark bathroom and said "Bloody Mary" three times.  I don't know what was supposed to happen at that point.  But, Ben didn't want to sleep alone that night.  

So, Emily slept with him. Which suits Emily just fine because she doesn't like to sleep, so now she had someone to talk to and keep awake.  About a year into that, we put her back in her own room.  But, Ben was weepy at the thought of sleeping alone.  Typically, I wouldn't care.  But, Ben is a really great kid who asks for so little.  I have a hard time denying the few simple requests he makes.  So, we let Noah sleep with him.

Noah has a hard time staying awake, so it worked out better than Emily the night owl.  But, Ben and Noah are in a double size bed.  Ben is almost 5 feet tall, so it's starting to get a little crammed for both of them. So, last weekend, we decided to get them bunk beds.  Sam's had a great set for a super price, so we couldn't pass it up.

So, for the second weekend in a row, my husband had a screw driver in his hand more than anything else.

Noah "helped" us assemble it. He's in my bath robe, and he's on my kindle. I have no idea why. Maybe he dreams of being a housewife. Wait until he finds out that I rarely sit down and spend 90% of my day doing things for everyone else.  He'll ditch the idea then.  :)

And here they are all done.

Now, Emily thinks she gets to sleep in there too.  Oh vay, we didn't really solve any problems.  Now, they are all 3 going to be in one bedroom.  Seriously, we are in a 5 bedroom house and 3 of them are empty every night. Anyone want to come visit?

David was thrilled to get it done. He said, no more projects for a few weekends. Then, we got the garden started on Sunday.  Then, I told him we should make raised garden beds. And he just about killed me.  HA!  Maybe another weekend.  


Anonymous said...

You're welcome!����
Auntie Pam

Anonymous said...

Ahha.Pam started it with the Halloween book she gave to Ben..lol just kidding Pam.:) Awesome, I love the bunk beds.. Ok Gina, no more Honey Do lists for David for like a month..lol..my love to all Mom

Linda said...

Yes, we want to come visit! :) Just have to find vacation time or retirement in order to do so! ♥

Love the bunk beds. I know about Bloody Mary because it scared the heck out of me in 3rd grade when that story was going around our old historic school building and there was a bathroom in the oldest part of the school that I wouldn't go to because supposedly there were bloody nail marks along the window in there from Bloody Mary who would appear if you said her name three times in the mirror.

Raised garden beds, huh? Been there done that - started them last year and finished them off this year, though even though they're raised they're so big, I still have to climb and get in there. Love them though and because we have no way into our backyard, the dump truck of soil had to be dumped in our driveway and hauled by wheelbarrow - that was fun, lol, not really. But our garden is going even though the weather here after the warmest April on record, has been COLD for May.

Anyway, good luck with your continued projects!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the kids are loving the bunk beds. I grew up sleeping in bunk beds for the first 10 years of my life(actually from age 3 through 10) . Since I was the oldest and biggest I always was on top which often had it's advantages. We didn't have a ladder to get up there so you had to be tall enough to climb up there w/out the help of a ladder and for many of those years I was the only one with long enough legs to be able to hike myself up from the bed below. Also there was no little wall to prevent me from falling out of bed which I did more than once. During one of my falls i was dreaming I was on a ship going to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second in 1953( I believe). I still remember the sinking down to the bottom of the ocean almost as clearly as waking up with a thump when I hit the floor. The upper bunk was also advantageous at Christmas time when I could check out the window to see Santa and his sleigh flying inn from the north pole as my window was on the north side of the house and I could see all the way to the North pole from my vantage point on the top bunk. LOL! anyway I am sure your family will also enjoy their years sleeping in the bunk.
As for the idea of a raised garden I have never experienced that so no comments to offer. :)
Have a good rest of the week.