Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Glassford Hill Hike

We have this mountainy hill in the center of town.  Last year, they built a hike trail all the way too the top. We've been meaning to hike it forever, but first it was too hot. Then, the grasshoppers were out, and I won't go near natural vegetation when the Hoppers are out.  Then, it was a rainier season than normal and always wet.  Well, finally last weekend, we did it.

We asked the kids if they wanted to go.  They love hiking, but usually, it's not a straight up incline.  But, they were all for it in the beginning.

Here's some interesting facts about the hill.  It's an extinct volcano!

We didn't even know how long it was.  Turns out it was 2.1 miles each way, so 4.2 miles with an elevation gain of 1,000 feet.  Noah needed a lift at about 3/4 of a mile.

After a few switch backs, we were losing two of the kiddos.  There's Ben on the right in the green shirt just cruising up the next switch back.  The up didn't bother him one bit.  He never got winded or needed a break.  How is that possible?  He's a self proclaimed "not an outdoors person", and he hiked that mountain like it was flat.

We are about half way up and this guy needed a break.  There are probably a dozen switch backs and they have a picnic table to rest at each one, which is nice.  We sat at almost all of them.

Emily was having a hard time, so David gave her a lift for a couple of the switch backs.  My husband is in great shape!

They look happy, no?  I told the kids that when we were trying to hike the Grand Canyon, Aunt Pam and I would be phone books in our backpacks and go up mountains just like this.  To which Noah said, "what's a phone book?"  Oh, my,,,,kid these days.

David's forearms were hurting from supporting Emily's weight, so he'd lean over and give his arms a rest.  She doesn't seem to mind.

Almost to the top!

Getting closer...

And closer....

And we made it!  I wish it was a cloudless day, but it was still a great view.  If I knew it was so long of a hike, I would've brought a few snacks and more water and tissue, I need supplies for this type of hike.  I'll be more prepared next time.

When we were almost to the top, I was singing the theme to Rocky. Of which my kids had no clue what I was talking about.  So, we watched Rocky when we got home.  One, I couldn't believe Rocky trained in Converse?  Could he not afford a good pair of Nike?  Who runs in Converse?  And he goes to the pet store where Adrian works and Noah's like, "oh my gosh, a store with puppies!" Yep, sweetie, that's a pet store.  They don't really have those anymore. And I didn't remember that Rocky didn't win at the end.  What the heck?  It was an enlightening movie that's for sure.  Anyway, here's my cute kids....

And now to go back down, Ben is in the center of this pic, already flying past us

Emily and Noah preferred down. 

And I took this picture of flowers for Pam because she always takes pictures of flowers.

And sweet Noah picked me some flowers.  He's so cute!

Ben didn't like down. He said it hurt his knees.

I thought it would take an hour total, it was well over 2 hours.  We asked the kids if they want to do it again this weekend, it was a resounding NO!  :)


Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like fun! I'm down next time I'm up - huh? Thanks for the flower pic! Love you!

Linda said...

That looks like a super amazing hike! And right there in your town, how nice! :)

Those flowers are Phlox and I have them growing in my backyard. Also, I had to chuckle - tell your kids we DO have pet stores still - there are a couple of them at least in the Champaign area complete with yes - pets. :)
And believe it or not, we still get phone books delivered at our house in Rantoul but I normally just throw them in recylcing because who needs those when you have google.

Anyway, I am glad for your update - been wondering what's been going on.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well, this granny is pooped just looking at the pics..poor David..but he like a Timex watch..he takes a licking n keeps on ticking.. Lol love all the pics...hugs mom

Anonymous said...

I've been planning for about 5 days to leave a comment on here . I loved that you all??? had such a great day hiking up that hill. Not like the good old days when all you had to worry about getting to the top was yourself. Now with the three tag-a-longs it is a more back breaking experience. But, hey you all made it to the top and some of you with energy to spare. Congrats.